Enterprise Mobility Takes A Big Leap With Wearable Technology


The last few years have seen enterprises taking the mobility route, with a rapid surge in the popularity of enterprise mobility solutions. These solutions have evolved, with the adoption of innovative technologies such as the IoT, Big Data Analytics, and most importantly, wearables. In fact, enterprise mobility has taken a huge leap with these technologies.

Whether it is healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, construction, or real estate, the list of industries that are benefitting with these innovative solutions is endless. For instance, the technology can be used to receive patient data in the exam room or fetch the retail customer data in-store, all at the user’s fingertips. We will be discussing the positive impact of integration of wearable technology with the conventional mobility solutions.

How Wearable Technology Is Adding A New Dimension To Enterprise Mobility
Enterprise mobility has become an essential investment today as it plays a significant role in boosting business growth. It offers extensive benefits such as enhancing organizational efficiency, boosting employee productivity, facilitating seamless communication, and more. In spite of these benefits, there is still an endless scope of improvement in these mobility solutions. Wearable technology has taken these solutions a notch higher as it opens up new opportunities for enterprises.

Extensive Boost In Worker Productivity
Wearables offer the advantage of convenience in comparison to typical mobile devices that are used to run these apps. Employees are able to have hands-free access to real-time information, analytics, messaging, and CRM. The convenience of hands-free eases up the tasks for the workforce in industries like healthcare, logistics, and aviation. It simplifies things for them and boosts their productivity manifold.

More Focus On Employee Well-Being
Employee well-being has become a key element of corporate strategy in the present scenario. The reason is that it has a direct impact on their productivity and long-term HR costs for any organization. Wearables serve as an effective tool for health monitoring of the employees so that chronic health conditions can be diagnosed and treated well in time.

Improved Worker Safety
The technology finds an increasing use in the industries like mining and construction, where worker safety is a key concern. These sensors are empowered with advanced applications such as barometer, ambient light, accelerometer, heart rate monitor, etc. Wearable devices enhance safety by giving timely alerts related to accidents and emergencies. Therefore, the adoption of wearable technology as a part of the mobility solutions can be a smart decision for risk-intensive industries.

Reduced Security Risks
The technology solutions integrated with wearable devices also enable the organizations to reduce the security risks to the crucial business data. Wearable devices are reliable from the security point of view as they are equipped with enterprise grade security features. The means that the business can rest assured about the valuable business information.

Enhancement Of Customer Experience
The adoption of wearable-powered mobility solutions empowers the employees to deliver better customer experiences. For instance, a large number of players in the BFSI sector has started offering wearable devices to their customers. These enable them to carry out financial transactions in a faster, safer, and more convenient manner. An enhanced customer experience translates into business growth.

Enough cannot be said about the benefits of adopting wearable technology as a part of enterprise mobility solutions. However, there are big challenges involved in creating customized apps for wearables. Yet, the rapid growth of the wearable market and the amazing benefits of these solutions, are motivating enough for developers and enterprises to work on them. After all, wearable devices are unbeatable when it comes to the added mobility and productivity they offer.

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