How The Tiny Beacons Are Making It Big In The App Development Space

How The Tiny Beacons Are Making It Big In The App Development Space

It was not so long ago that Apple introduced the Beacon technology in 2013. It has been just four years and the tiny devices called beacons have come a long way. These devices started at the size of an apple, but today are available as small stickers that can be applied to objects or walls. They are used in combination with corresponding mobile applications, which means that beacons work with only those mobile devices that have a specific app installed on them.

Today, beacons are increasingly proliferating the app development space by empowering the apps with location-based services. From retail to hospitality, aviation, tourism, navigation, healthcare, banking, and education, various industries have experienced the big impact of this small device. Before knowing more about beacon app development, let us understand this technology first.

Beacons: What, Where, And Why
Beacons are tiny hardware devices that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless technology for transmitting relevant messages to mobile devices in proximity. These have the capability of tracking devices when they come with a specific range. This makes them a powerful tool for contextual advertising as they can be used to send targeted messages to the device owners located nearby. For this reason, beacons have found an increasing use for app developers who want to capitalize on location- based technology.

  • Beacon-based mobile applications promise an outstanding user-experience as they always deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. At the same time, it serves as a part of the advertising strategy for the business.
  • Beacons are a one-time investment that illustrates the business brand far and wide. Nothing impresses the customers more than receiving notifications with offers and product recommendations while they are passing by. These shoppers are most likely to step in and pick some products from the store.
  • Another benefit of this technology is the low IT investment it requires. Once the beacons are installed and a related app developed, the rest of the tasks are automated. They work in tandem to locate the app users within proximity and deliver relevant messages to them.

Why App Developers Are Embracing The Beacon Technology
When it was first brought to market, the beacon technology had stiff competition to face, with the likes of Wi-Fi, GPS, and RFID already having a stronghold. But this innovative technology did not take long to establish itself, as app developers realized that has extensive benefits in comparison to others like GPS and Wi-Fi. These benefits include high accuracy, low power usage, and wide accessibility as a majority of devices today are enabled with Bluetooth features. Privacy is another concern well-addressed by the Beacon apps as these are authenticated first and require user permission before reaching them.

Beacon apps are a smart investment for businesses that want to harness location-based technology for extending their outreach. These apps not only revolutionize customer experiences but also enable customer tracking. They bring together the physical and virtual channels to take the business to a new height.

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