AR Is Opening New Horizons For The E-Commerce Industry

AR Is Opening New Horizons For The E-Commerce Industry

Augmented Reality is perhaps one of the biggest technological advancements of the present times. The technology, in fact, takes virtual reality to the next level and makes it more usable. AR blends virtual reality with real life to create a truly immersive user experience. The last year has been a big one for the technology as it reached the heights of popularity with Pokemon Go. This year makes it even bigger, as AR steps out of gaming realms and becomes an integral element of the e-commerce industry. Specifically speaking, more and more e-commerce sellers are looking to integrate AR in their mobile commerce strategy. The reason is that the technology gives them a winning edge as it puts them in an entirely different league. Here are some ways in which AR is transforming the e-commerce scenario:

Engaging The Visitors For Longer
The integration of Augmented Reality into the e-commerce store is an idea that adds value to it. The technology keeps the visitors engaged for longer. Users tend to spend more time on the store interacting with or trying out the AR models of the products. The longer the user stays, the higher is the probability of conversion.

Creating An Outstanding Shopping Experience
An immersive shopping experience is the mainstay of e-commerce success. The purchase decision depends on what shoppers see online as they have no other way of examining the products. With the AR functionality added to them, online stores are able to entice customers and drive them to purchase. For instance, they can experience virtual fitting while picking apparels or accessories from fashion stores. They can even see how a piece of furniture would look in their living room before they shop from a home decor website.

Bridging The Gap Between Online And Offline
The Augmented Reality apps bridge the gap between online and offline. They enable customers to visualize and understand the products and their features as if they are shopping in-store. They are able to actually interact with the products and comprehend the way these work. This makes them particularly useful for stores vending electrical goods and appliances.

Giving Shoppers The Opportunity To Customize
AR has a huge potential for e-commerce growth as it enables stores to customize products for the buyers. Buyers can use the technology to explore their options and even modify them according to their preference. For example, they can see an outfit in different colors and even check the one which looks the best on them. Accordingly, they can order a product to match the specifications they want. Sellers who offer such unique services to their buyers are likely to fetch higher conversions and sales.

Acting As A Strategic Branding Tool
AR-powered apps are capable of becoming strategic branding tools for e-commerce ventures. Such apps not only increase conversions for the stores but also harbor customer trust and loyalty. The return rates go down as buyers are more confident while buying the products. Shoppers even recognize and recommend stores which offer outstanding AR experiences through their mobile apps.

Augmented reality is a rapidly growing technology and early adoption is the key to success. E-commerce enterprises which want to reap its benefits should, therefore, invest in the technology at the earliest. They should consult the best mobile app developers in the industry to design and develop exceptional solutions for them.

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