The Innovative AR Technology Is Driving Mobile App Success

The Innovative AR Technology Is Driving Mobile App Success

The phenomenal success of Pokémon GO has changed the mobile app scenario, with AR becoming a sought-after technology trend. The technology has extended beyond gaming, making its way into the business applications too. Before delving deeper, it is important to understand the technology. Augmented Reality is the extension of virtual reality as it superimposes computer-generated images or videos on the real world. When integrated into mobile applications, this technology promises an immersive experience that captivates the users. Besides this, there are numerous other ways in which AR-based mobile applications turn out to be winners:

  • Such apps are unique in terms of user interface and experience, which is a sure way to stand out. This adds to the business brand value as users start associating the business with these popular apps.
  • AR apps take the business one step ahead of the traditional marketing strategies. They have the quality of engaging the users with high-end, immersive experience.
  • Not only does the technology pulls in crowds but also give the benefit of user retention. The content these apps serve is exhilarating and brings back the users with its repeat value.
  • AR-based applications empower the mobile app developers to deliver personalised content to catch the user attention.

AR technology has magical qualities and a mobile app that integrates it is bound to make waves. Here are some instances that showcase the way AR is driving mobile app success across various industries:

E-Commerce: A large number of e-commerce retailers are more than eager to invest in augmented reality mobile app development today. The reason is that these apps add a winning edge to their online stores, with innovative concepts like virtual fitting rooms and product trials. Shoppers can now try on the products and be sure before buying them.

Gaming: The root of AR success lies in gaming apps, with Pokémon GO being the biggest instance. The technology enhances these applications manifold, with users getting real-life experience. As a result, they are likely to stay in for longer time spans as well as refer the app to more new users.

Travel And Tourism: Augmented Reality has been a game-changer for travel and tourism apps too. It is combined with GPS to create outstanding and user-friendly applications that transform travel experiences completely. They enable users to explore tourist destinations and routes, translate street signs, and give sightseeing trivia.

Education And Training: AR-based apps have opened up unlimited possibilities for education and training. It provides immersive real-life simulation to make learning much easier and interesting. For instance, medical professionals can now have a first-hand experience of complicated surgeries. Similarly, industrial trainees have a fair idea about running equipment before actually doing it in real-life.

Social Networking: Augmented reality has changed the face of social networking apps too. For example, Snapchat uses this technology to enable users to try out new things and share them on their social profiles.

AR-apps are complex and still in their evolutionary stage, yet they are likely to change the mobile app scenario forever. In fact, this technology is to be adopted by every business that wants to be future ready. Collaborating with the right technology partner is crucial for having an app that harnesses Augmented Reality to bring best results.

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