AI Apps All Set To Be The Game-Changers For Various Industries

AI Apps All Set To Be The Game-Changers For Various Industries

Technology has taken over the world, with every day ushering in innovations at various levels. Artificial intelligence is the tech buzzword of the current times as it is poised to take machine functionality to a new level. As the name suggests, AI is the capability of machines to mimic and even improve on the human brain’s cognitive abilities. The technology capitalizes on the superior computational abilities of machines as they are well-equipped to handle huge amounts of data and use it for decision-making. In simple words, AI helps machines do the heavy thinking for human beings, with the following key areas being covered:

  • Establishing trends, patterns, and associations
  • Making predictive analysis on the basis of trends
  • Discovering inefficiencies
  • Making fact-based decisions
  • Executing plans

With such extensive benefits, AI serves as a dependable technology for enterprises across industries. This is one technology that is breaking into the mobile app space in a big way. With AI in action, businesses apps can harness Big Data for accurate analysis, leading to accurate decision making and future planning. Here is how AI-powered mobile apps are poised to help industries to take big leaps:

Artificial Intelligence is set to improve the quality of life by setting new standards for the healthcare industry. AI is being integrated into wearable apps to study the vital parameters and make reliable predictions related to health risks. With accurate analysis of large volumes of medical data, patients are able to receive faster and better treatment. Diagnostics and treatment become far simpler and this improves the patient’s chances of survival in the long run.

Retail E-Commerce
E-commerce is another industry that is experiencing the extensive benefits of AI-powered mobile commerce applications. These apps utilize the technology in the form of Chatbots or virtual assistants. Chatbots are replacing human customer care executives to provide seamless support to the shoppers. Similarly, AI assimilates search and shopping history data of the users to deliver them personalized recommendations for an enhanced shopping experience.

The manufacturing sector was amongst the first to embrace the concept of Artificial Intelligence in the form of process automation. The technology is now being used as a part of enterprise mobility solutions at an extensive scale. It enables data-driven automation, which results in improvement of operational performance and reduction of operational costs. Predictive data analysis makes it easier to identify upcoming issues and resolve them effectively so that the process downtime is reduced to the minimum. The dependence on human support and supervision is likely to be minimized in future with AI-driven production lines in store.

Another industry that is using AI apps to its advantage is finance as predictive analysis is the key to success in this sector. There is great need to assimilate the huge amount of financial data, understand it, and then take the right decisions. Artificial intelligence does this much faster than human beings and makes things easier for those who use these apps for their finance businesses. The smart “robo-advisers” offer them reliable recommendations to help them make profitable investment decisions.

AI is a disruptive technology that translates into unbelievable changes for businesses at all levels. It reduces dependence on humans and makes decision-making driven by data. However, everything cannot be completely left to machines as the human touch will always be a part of business decisions. Still, the potential of AI is huge and will grow bigger with time.

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