How iBeacon Technology Has Transformed Healthcare Apps

How iBeacon Technology Has Transformed Healthcare Apps

Mobile applications have become a way of life as we are becoming dependent on them for almost every single activity. Healthcare is a field which has been greatly influenced by the smart mobility solutions. There are many ways in which specialized healthcare apps have improved the quality of patient care and services. From booking appointments to remote consultation, real-time diagnostics, patient record maintenance and more, these apps perform diverse functions. In the recent years, latest technologies have taken these applications to a new level. The iBeacon technology has emerged as one of the most wildly used technologies in the healthcare mobile app development field. These micro-location sensors, along with smart mobile apps, have enabled healthcare providers to overcome the biggest challenges they come across.

Enables Delivery Of Personalized Services
Ideally, healthcare providers need to deliver high-quality and seamless patient services on-demand. The iBeacon based mobile applications empower them to extend contextual, location-based personalized services to the patients. For instance, the specialist receives the entire medical records on his tablet as soon as he walks up to their hospital bed. Also, they can be used to convey important information, such as a delay in the appointment, to the patients.

Supports Effective Workforce Management
Another impeccable benefit of integration of iBeacon technology with the hospital healthcare app is seamless workforce communication and management. The app can be used to get through to the medical staff and assign duties based on their location. They are even automatically logged in on entering the premises with the smartphone app on their phone. Similarly, the equipment at the medical facility can be managed and located with these apps.

Facilitates Indoor Navigation
Big multi-speciality hospitals and facilities can use these applications to facilitate indoor navigation for the patients. They trace the patient location right from the check-in and deliver relevant push notifications to guide them to their destination. It becomes easier for the patients to navigate through the complicated hallways and departments. At the same time, the hospitals can reduce the cost of setting up directional signboards around the premises.

Serves As A Marketing Channel
By opting for specialized iBeacon application development, hospitals and healthcare providers can avail the marketing edge too. It delivers personalized messages related to services, resources, etc to the visitors in the close proximity. They can even be used to send notifications regarding discounted packages and offers extended by the hospital. Additionally, they can be used to get the visitor feedback and apply the same to improve the facilities.

Adoption of iBeacon technology by the healthcare industry is an emerging trend that is likely to elevate the standards of patient services in future. This is one investment that is going to bring unsurpassed benefits for the patients and healthcare providers alike. The cutting-edge technology will ensure that the industry goes beyond its limits to offer excellence like never before.

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