Integration of Android Pay And Banking Apps Eases Online Transactions

Google Offers Android Pay Integration With Select Banking Apps For Easy Online Transactions

Google has just made online transactions more convenient and secure for the tech-savvy shoppers. It now offers integration of its mobile wallet Android Pay with the mobile banking apps of Bank Of America, USAA, Discover, mBank, and Bank of New Zealand. By adding this section to their banking apps, these banks now enable the customers to add their debit/credit cards to Android Pay and use the option when required. Amazingly, users will be able to make online payments without even having to download the wallet’s app!

Smart Integration, Smart Benefits
Google has probably made one of the best decisions with these bank partnerships as it is likely to bring the much-needed jumpstart to the adoption of its mobile wallet. Android Pay is still behind its ace-rivals Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, despite being the first-to-market. However, things are likely to look up now. Additionally, cobranding with the bank would address the security concerns of the users and build their trust in the payment method.

The benefits of this smart integration extend to the customers too, as adding their cards to Android Pay from the banking app is just a matter of a click. Once the users complete the setup, they can use the phone to make payments at various stores. Also, they will receive a notification after the successful completion of every transaction.

Finally, banks too can avail the advantage of this integration as this advanced feature is of great appeal to customers. The superior banking feature enhances convenience, speed, and security of the digital transactions, attracting more customers for the bank.

How Does It Work?
Integration of Android Pay into mobile banking apps is an exciting prospect. The feature is easy to integrate and offers a myriad of functions:

  • The option becomes available as soon as the customer adds the card details in the banking app. It can then be used to make payments at all such stores which support NFC-enabled terminals
  • The customer can also use it to shop or checkout in other supported apps or online shopping websites
  • In addition to serving as a mobile wallet, Android Pay makes shopping an enjoyable experience as it enables the customer to add gift cards and loyalty points too
  • This integration also helps the user to manage his cards in a hassle-free manner, with options such as selection of default payment methods and deactivation of cards.

Android Pay integration has come up as a huge opportunity for the users as well as banking partners as it has simplified the payment methods. The benefit will soon be extended to a greater number of users as Google plans to bring in more banking partners. Mobile app developers need to use the feature to their advantage to make the best of this great tech offering in future.

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