The Selective Usage Pattern of the Mobile Website and the Mobile App

A Mobile website is a website that is designed for the small screens of smartphones.
When a request for the website is made from the mobile browser, the site redirects to its mobile counterpart giving a convenient surfing experience. Many times, it could be the subset of the regular website. Whereas, the mobile application is a type of application software designed to run on the mobile device and serve the users with similar services as accessed on PCs.

The mobile apps and the mobile web serve meet the needs of the user contextually and have their own limitations. Still, we find countless debates in declaring the winner of these two, which may be a pointless issue. In reality, it is about the audience segmentation and the user behaviour patterns.

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Let us explore a little bit more into the selective usage of a mobile app or the mobile website.

  • It is an undeniable fact that the mobile apps are represented by a small fraction of the total mobile revenue. A few of the biggest brands have an appreciable app revenue like the Amazon. And, in reality, the users’ home screen would not be filled with the icons of all the apps belonging to shopping. The loyal customers by definition would prefer to download the app of the retailers.
  • The apps are meant to nurture the loyalty, whereas the mobile web is convenient for the reach. The Forrester Research reports that the shoppers prefer to buy from the mobile sites on the go.
  • The shoppers generally tend to showcase their company’s mobile website and not the app. According to Morgan Stanley report, the web drives double the traffic from the apps owing to the connection with the marketing activities of the e-mail, SEO/SEM, affiliates, and, etc. Whereas the mobile app is not richly connected even with the deep linking. The richer interconnectivity is advantageous to attract the audiences and also it provides a better experience across the channels and the devices.
  • Henceforth, it is preferred to consider a program for the best customers through the app to drive more revenue. Instead of opting for a generic shopping app, the app that could deliver store notification, promotions, scorecard rewards program, real-time inventory of the closest shop, and, etc., can make the app provide a better experience.

To wrap up, a feature-rich mobile website is necessary for greater audience reach whereas the user-friendly mobile app is needed to drive customer engagement. At, Mobibiz, we offer custom mobile app development and mobile website development to boost sales. For any queries related, you may get in touch with our app developers by visiting the website.

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