Get Prepared for A Successful Mobile App Launch

Get Prepared for A Successful Mobile App Launch

The demand for mobile apps is increasing every day as witnessed by its downloads. The Mobile Application development company has taken this opportunity to the greater side by developing mobile apps in accordance with the growing demand and substantially meeting the expected features and user experience.

And, needless to say, all the apps that are developed has to reach the App Store as it is the only distribution platform for any apps. Already, the stores are flooded with millions of apps and there are more getting on added and yet there are more to come. At this juncture, the mobile app developers and their clients have to take a major step towards the distribution efforts for its successful launch. There are several things like preparing for the press release, getting featured, decide for the channels for user acquisition, and so forth.

Let us look into some of the points to be clarified from the developers end for a successful launch of the mobile app.

Test: Testing everything before launch is the prime step towards the success. The feedback gathered from the real users well in advance of the launch will work wonders as the developer would be able to identify the glitches or problems faced by the common users.

If it is a game apps, then testing creative which includes the art style, messaging, mechanics, onboarding flows, and other features are highly recommended to ensure smooth run of the game.

Store listing: It is recommended to run experiments on the store listing page assets so as to get a crystal clear view of the variables with the actual user base. Testing in different regions ensures the optimization of the store listing page for the major markets.

Early Access Program: Early Access Program helps to gather results prior to launch and help the app developers’ team to rectify or fine tune the features, and thereby minimizing the risk before it gets released to the masses and bounces back.

The users’ strong feedback could be used to improve engagement and retention. This leads to perfect monetization of the app released, either it could be a game, mcommerce app or any other related app.

Pre-registration: Pre-registration of the apps facilitate the clients to start marketing and create awareness of titles along with call-to-action. This creates a running start of the application on its launch day as it has built its group of users already.

Feedback: The seeking of feedback before launch and as often as possible helps to get certified that the app is working fine from the user’s end and also make out the unpredictable issues which could be looked onto for rectification. Reading and responding to the reviews is recommended for earning and retaining the trust of the users.

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With these significant points, let us move forward with the useful list of things to be done by a marketer or the client who may be launching the app.

Research of competitors’ App: As more than a thousand apps are released per day, it is necessary to know your app stand as against the existing key players in the category and gain an insight of the targeted audience.

Getting featured: The initial downloads brings an irreplaceable revenue. As a way to get an initial boost for the downloads, it is recommended to get featured on the App or the Play Store.

App Store Optimization: As mentioned earlier, becoming visible for the end users is crucial to anticipate downloads from several users. Henceforth, it is important to go for App Store Optimization, especially for the ‘mobile-first’ companies. In particular, optimization for the local market plays a key role for an increased download.

Assemble a Press kit: The assembly of Press kit brings publicity for the app to be launched. Creating a list of influencers and the bloggers work wonders in creating a successful marketing strategy.

In-App Feedback Channel: Though a 5-star review is expected and appreciated and the efforts would be focused on it, it is recommended to have an in-app feedback channel as a single low rating on the App/Play store would cost a lot for the success of the App.

It helps the users to reach you directly and know the specific problem which helps you to come up with solutions as soon as possible, or sometimes, it may be a difference in understanding at the users’ end.

Re-engagement campaigns: Submission of the app to product hunt; getting Google Alerts for the Apps name; making a paid Ad campaign for a few days or months; and a re-engagement campaign goes a long way to bring the customers’ back.

In this way, both the marketers and the developers’ as well would be benefited by making a full-blown preparation for the successful launch of the developed mobile application. Our experts are well-versed in developing user-friendly apps and provide App store optimization services for a successful launch of the mobile apps.

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