Exploring Wearable Technology for Travel and Business

Exploring Wearable Technology for Travel and Business

Wearables are one of the devices with huge potential for Travel & Business. The use of Google Glass or the Apple Watch with the help of Wearable Technology changes the way people travel and explore new places, conduct business while on travel, and so forth.

By aligning the wearable apps with smartphone apps, the information could be streamlined for customers and business life could be made easier. So far, being a general public, we are used to wearable devices such as activity trackers, wristbands, step counters, pairing step count with heart rate to monitor health, and, etc. And the latest activity trackers are far better than this.

Let us see how a businessman may benefit from technology while on travel.

  • The businessman may utilize this advanced technology for the benefit of staying ahead with their competitors as they are able to be in continuous interaction with their fellowmen or the clients. They are able to make informed decisions on business undertakings.
  • It conveniently pairs with exploring travelers and acts as the best guide. It becomes their mini-screen on the wrist or so, that could be used to derive information such as the boarding pass reminder, reservation details, weather, QR codes, maps, restaurants, and, other related data. The travelers are able to get the required details just by using the watch and a Bluetooth headset. The wearables have a better battery life, as there is feasibility for offloading the smartphone interactions during travel.
  • The business travelers feel comfortable with hands-free flexibility, yet able to access each data. Travel to far-off places with lightweight cutting down the extras indeed leads to less stressful journey and streamlined activities. Moreover, there are a few airports which have installed the ‘Scan and Go’ device facilitating the travelers to swipe their smartwatch instead of carrying paper boarding pass. In brief, travel is made paper-free. For instance, British Airways.
  • Moving further, they are able to keep their unattended home safe and protect from break-ins or burglaries. If the businessman happens to be a frequent traveler, he may even have a biosensor wearable that could monitor the blood-alcohol levels. It tracks the alcohol level in near real-time and set reminders suggesting to stop alcohol drinking.
  • The wearables are bound to help the businessmen to make a fair play regarding his business, take care of his health, home, and explore the unknown destinations with informed decisions.

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