M-commerce Applications Support Business Models at Global Market

M-commerce Applications Support Business Models at Global Market

M-commerce has irresistibly become dominant over the e-commerce owing to the evolving customer trends and mobile app development. Along with m-commerce, the mobile payment system became more dynamic. It supports various technologies and business models in the global market. The future forecasts that the mobile payment options would penetrate even more for various smartphones and wearable devices.

This massive possession of the mobile cannot be overlooked by the businesses. The businesses must keep pace with the trend and upgrade their commerce business to gain strength in the online world and increase their return on investment.

Some of the payment options include the mobile wallet, direct billing, phone as credit card terminal, mobile-web based payment, digital currencies, and, etc.

Let us explore the m-commerce app influence on various segments of the business. A few of m-commerce apps covering the industries like Retail, Apparels, Hospitality, Banking, Airlines, and, etc., are briefed below.

Ticket Sales Apps:
These apps facilitate the customers to book tickets for events, sports, movies, concerts, and, etc. The users are able to know about the upcoming events in a particular locality or region with timings, avail pre-booking, cancel, re-sell, or reschedule the tickets.

Food Delivery Apps:
With the help of food delivery apps, the users are able to look into the various menus, price, offers, weekday/weekend discounts, and more. They are able to pre-select meals and reserve table in a restaurant, order for home delivery, avail reward points, and more.

Mobile Concierge and Personalized Recommendation Apps:
This kind of apps is used to search theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, lounge bars, ATMs, and any other destined place. The apps also provide recommendations based on user search.

Marketing Apps:
The apps support the products or the services from different brands, accumulates the deals and coupons across the e-commerce platforms. It facilitates the consumers to browse for deals at a single destination and make a better choice.

Retail Store Apps:
Most of the retail stores own their apps through which their customers are able to purchase the products. It consists of categories of the products with images and pricings, offers [if any], and also customized for tablets too.

Banking Apps:
The banks offer their services through apps facilitating the consumers for credit card payments, access to accounting and finance, well-secured, transfer funds, derive the statement of accounts, and more.

Event Apps:
It helps the organizers to make their event successful and smart. The event details are shared with the attendees prior. The events may include trade shows, conferences, seminars, meetings, and, any other gatherings.

Musical Apps:
It consists of a collection of songs, music, concerts of a particular singer or the movies. It helps the listeners to create the favorite playlist, bookmark their favorite songs, listen offline, carry on with other mobile activities while listening to the music.

Airlines App:
The apps help the airlines to manage their fleet. They are able to keep track of the flights, schedules, inmates, and so forth. The travelers are able to book their ticket, get notification of the flight schedule, search for flights, book flights, and more.

Apparels App:
Most of the clothing stores have their own apps today. The consumers are able to choose the brand and design available in the particular store, make a purchase, avail offers, return the goods, the converse/message with the customer care.

Furthermore, there are more apps like game apps, social media apps, and so forth. The infiltration of mobile payment solutions has made these apps run successfully. Some of the benefits of the payment system in the apps include increased speed and convenient transaction; secure mode of payment; integrity of loyalty programs; and, etc.

As mentioned earlier, it is high time for the industries for raising their revenues through mobile payments. We, at Mobibiz, develop apps across industry verticals, integrate secure payment methods and help you to gain popularity at the global level. You may get in touch with our expert mobile app developers.

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