A Peek Into the Mobile Application Development at Global Market

A Peek Into the Mobile Application Development at Global Market

The digitization is growing at the global level, and the usage of the mobile application is also driving the growth to a greater extent. Moreover, there is a continuous rise in demand for mobile applications from the industry. Several industries and enterprises are dependent on mobile applications for their business administration and growth. And, the use of advanced technologies for mobile apps, mobile-first strategy, and the adoption of BYOD policies are becoming more significant today.

At this development rate scenario, it is expected that some of the competitive key players in the Mobile Application Development Platform in the coming years may be the Adobe Systems, IBM, Kony, Salesforce, and, SAP.

Some of the anticipated surges of use and ongoing trends in the mobile application development platform includes the DevOps; mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS) on the rise; increased adoption to BYOD and BYOA; and developers embracing Cloud IDE.

Some of the challenges to be overcome include resolving the app interoperability issues, adoption of simple methodology in application integration curtailing complexities, and, tight IT security concerns. Further, there is a need to opt for agile application development methodologies, possess shorter application development cycle, and, align with the increasing trend in adoption of mobile phones and smart devices.

If we study the global mobile application development platform market

  • It is classified as cloud and on premises-based on deployment.
  • It could be segmented as Small, Medium Businesses [SMBs] and large enterprises.
  • It is segmented into banking, financial services, telecommunication, retail, e-commerce, travel, gaming, and, etc., based on verticals.

Accordingly, there is a need for research and development in the segmentations for further upgrade and to be user-friendly. Moving on, the market is also divided into regions like North America, Asia-Pacific, and, so forth. As of today, North America has boosted the global market and we, Indians are sure that we will rule the global market in the near future.

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