Make Your Mobile App Customers Happy

Make Your Mobile App Customers Happy

In this mobile world, we find thousands of mobile application developed every day and released into the market for customer use. Suppose, the user visits the Google Play store or the Apple’s App store in search of a simple calculator app, he will get a long scroll bar with full of apps. However, all apps may not get downloaded and a few stand popular in the long run. Why is that so?

When the App stores are filled with wide choices, the users opt for only a certain apps. Likewise, the consumers download apps from certain brand shops, and never mind to have a look at the other apps. There is something that attracts them towards downloading and use of apps, and it is nothing but the customer experience. It is the critical and deciding factor for the users’ to download or ignore an app.

In case of mobile apps, measuring customer satisfaction is not easy as you measure the revenue or visitors for a particular website. Let us see, how a mobile app developer can succeed in making an increased downloads of the developed app.

It is a known fact that the mobile app developers go through the alpha/beta testing before the final application is released. It is a tested practice to release the app for a limited number of audiences before making it available for the general any case, unless and until the apps carry an astounding features, it is not going to be get noticed. It is unwritten law that the app strategy must be tweaked for an irresistible user experience even without the feedback. For this, the developer must have an insight on the usage patterns and a track on analytics. There are several tools in favor of the app developers to get an insight of the app performance. Let us explore a few here.

In-app Feedback: The feedback must be directly from the user to the developer. It is just an one to one interaction rather than a general review or ratings. This gives a close watch about the features and its glitches for the developer.

Ratings and Reviews on Your Apps: When the app is available in the App store, the only way to understand the user is ratings and reviews. If it is less than 5, there is room for the developers to add new features and analyze the issues.

Analytics Tools: Apart from the integrated analytics of the App store, there are third party analytic tools which help to get a better insight on the app usage. The metrics include simultaneously used apps, data connection types, user demographics, in-app time spent, locations, and, etc.

Tracking the Session: The smaller sessions implies that the users are facing issues or they are not interested in the app. This stands as one of the best method to get the pulse of the user.

User Demographics: The features that are specific to the demographics like the city, gender, or the country are bound to increase the customer engagement.

Honoring Customer Sentiment: It is important to understand the customer’s needs. It could be understood through Google alerts, Twitter mentions, and also the mentioned apps in several forums.

When the developer considers these factors during the development phase and after release of the apps, it helps him to retain the users and witness growth. At Mobibiz, the developers’ are customer centric. The developer experts are skilled in understanding the business value and implement the right approach for customer engagement. Get in touch with the android app developer experts by visiting the website for availing the user-centric mobile applications for your business and enterprises.

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