An Overview of Google’s New Mobile Management Features on Play Store

Google Play Store

The newly updated Google play Store features has facilitated the enterprises to distribute the in-house and custom Android applications in a convenient manner. The Google has offered a private channel feature which facilitates its app administrators to host the internal Android apps and manage the access to specific users. Further, the organizations get user authentication, malware and virus detection as additional benefits.

The updates are expected to be available from 31st January 2017 onwards as a result, the distributed enterprise applications will be easily discovered and accessed by the end users. The private apps will now be shifted to the ‘work apps’ section, making it easier and quicker for the users. The work apps section will host both the public and private apps that are involved in managing the enterprise mobility suite.

Henceforth, it will become a single destination for the corporate users to find all of the applications they may need. And also, the Google admins would be able to offer a curated set of applications specific for the employees of the enterprises. Further, the consolidation of the private and public apps helps to create a whitelist of mobile applications that are approved for enterprise use.

The organizations must enroll for Google Play Private Channel with the enterprise mobility management tool including the Google’s mobile management technology. It could be used for distribution of Android enterprise applications on Android devices alone as per the current update.

In addition to this, the Google Play App Security Improvement (ASI) program provide the essential guidance for the Android app developers for 26 security issues they need to consider before they could upload their apps on Google play store.

It has also a new page which carries consolidated information on all the security issues such as links which direct the developers towards the security resources and contact information details for additional support to rectify the issue. This helps the developers to identify the issues in their applications and resolve them before uploading to Google Play Store. Moreover, the Google sends email and sets deadline to address the issue on the apps [if found any] directly to the developers.

Thus, Google helps the Android developers to manage their mobile app features on Google Play Store.

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