Create your Enterprise App with Google’s App Maker


It is a welcoming note that the tech giants regularly offers advanced technology to the mankind. Google is one such entity which has earned its name for facilitating the way for the people to interact with the latest technology. And, the Google still find its way to come up with innovativeness and this time it is for the mobile industry.

It has added App Maker to its long list of goodies. The App maker is helpful for the enterprises as they are able to create their own internal mobile apps for fulfilling their company tasks. The highlight of this App Maker is that the app could be developed at a faster rate without assigning a mobile app developer.

With this new tool, one may design his app by moving things easily through drag and drop mechanism. The app could be created in a more minimalistic way. Further, it is feature rich too making the developers’ job easy. It supports their needs with scripting editor, customized script support and a cloud platform for working even though it needs minimal coding.

The Importance of App Maker: Today, it is highly essential for each of the industry to go mobile and this app overcomes the lack of experience getting in the way to move so. The App Maker is for all – like entry-level businesses, small or fortune 500 businesses. It is for the people/businesses where their profile may not have the essential IT department or the programming skills for mobile app development. It is a boon for the businesses joining the mobile phenomenon as they can create their Enterprise App on their own.

Integration of the App Maker: The App Maker is supported by all the Google products and services like Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Contacts, and Google Big Query. Google maintains the ecosystem and the familiar flow for the developers. Moreover, they are able to give a Google-centric approach through Google’s Material Design architecture.

Moving further, the apps uses the Google Drive tables to give the playing field. In a nutshell, Google’s own suite of services can be used to create, maintain and store the apps as well.

Reaching people through mobile is a compelling and compulsory strategy today and Google makes the task easier as it facilitates to get straight to the product.

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