How Cashless Economy is Impacting your Current Mobile Trends

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Post Demonetisation, India has seen an immaculate rise in the frequency of cashless transactions. Even the small street vendors are accepting payments through cards and online wallets. With the people becoming aware of the wide scope of online payments, the gates to a new world of utilities and adventures in the mobile domain are open, promising exciting experience for the users.

There is much more we can do through mobile apps. It could be used for several purposes other than shopping and pay for utilities. People have started purchasing apps on Google’s PlayStore and Apple’s AppStore, availing their best use. Going cashless is also impacting Augmented and Virtual Reality, accompanied by a better fulfillment of Streaming and Android Instant apps.

Let us have a look at the aftermath due to virtual payments in mobile trends:

1. Augmented Reality (AR): The AR applications are on their way to popularity and are expected to become rampant in the year 2017. The technology is becoming robust and seamless with each passing day, providing you with apps that can render your experience exhilarating. There are free AR apps and paid ones too that can be purchased through PlayStore and AppStore. Even Google Translate now comes with an AR feature, wherein you can upload a pic by clicking it, and it translates the text on the pic in real-time. Pokemon Go, Stan Chart, WikitudeBrowser, Theodolite are some examples of popular AR apps.

2. Virtual Reality (VR): Virtual Reality denotes an artificial computer-generated simulation that provides a feel of a real-life environment. It stimulates the vision and auditory perception via the help of a gadget like Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, or Facebook Oculus. The device could be connected to your smartphone and offers a wide view of virtual space. The customers can purchase games, movies and have a thrilling experience through virtual reality. They can even explore the solar system and the vast multitude of the universe in a real-time simulation. Google Cardboard, Seene, Ryot VR, and InCell VR are some of the popular virtual reality applications.

3. Streaming apps: YouTube and Netflix are famous video streaming platforms. The technology is going to enter its next stage with most of the websites requiring streaming of live content for better user experience. Brands and organizations are investing in the streaming technology and with more advancement in this domain, users will be able to stream their choicest content. There could be an application fee for some of the premium content websites, which the customers would be paying online or through mobile payments.

4. Android Instant Apps: Google has introduced Android Instant Apps that will prove a great relief to the users in the upcoming years. Limited to a size of 4MB and compatible with devices running Android version 4.1 and higher, these apps are going to revolutionize the way you use smartphones. It eradicates the need for downloading the app, simultaneously functioning as a web application, but with much more speed. You can pay on the go for different services and utilities without downloading the app. Utilizing the runtime permissions model, the AI apps saves on your phone memory, along with providing a swift and elating experience.

Thus, it can be concluded that people will gain a completely new insight while experiencing cashless transactions with new smartphone trends. It will lead to thrilling user experience, along with a better understanding of the latest technologies.

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