A Recollective Look Back of Mobile Apps Development 2016

mobile apps development

At the end of the year 2016, we have witnessed that it is the dawn of an entirely mobile era with millions of mobile applications available on the App Store and Google Play store. We find the emergence of mobile applications everywhere for buying a grocery, purchasing home appliances, booking a flight, managing a business operation, banking, health care units, and the list is endless.

Mobile Application is providing more value to the customer base as it helps to build a stronger brand, boosts profit, brings reputation, incorporates professionalism and prestigious appearance, stands out among the competition and increase return on investments.

Let us peek into some of the industries where we find the dominance of mobile technology.

Enterprise Mobile Apps: The deployment of enterprise mobile apps increased productivity (51%), communicates better (47%) and has reduced cost (31%). The companies are enjoying riskless and efficient operations within the enterprise among the employees, board members, and, off-campus with field employees, business tourists, and customers.

Healthcare Apps: The Union Health Ministry of India has launched more than a dozen mobile apps meant for prevention and control of diseases like diabetes, dengue,
remind expecting mothers to take their iron tablet course. Further, it has launched Swasth Bharat mobile app to create awareness and prevent non-communicable diseases namely obesity and hypertension. E-raktkosh gives the information of blood group available in a given radius of the area; apps for stress management, ‘mera aspataal’ (my hospital) and, etc.

E-commerce Apps: Several Apparel industries like Myntra are more dependent on mobile. Other e-commerce businesses are also going mobile in order to gain a wide range of customers. Starbucks has expanded its mobile app to other countries and the recent country that got included in Indonesia. The Amazon and Flipkart are moving ahead with mobile without a turn back.

Grocery Apps: The women at homes are also becoming tech-savvy with the penetration of grocery apps in their hand-held devices. As more of today’s generation are workaholic, it is a convenient method of buying groceries for them while on way back home on metro or bus, they are able to order and as they reach home, they get the things in hand. The Bigbasket and Grofers have shown a big sign of success.

M-governance: The government is going mobile. The social media apps have become viral and get people’s opinion poll for major government decisions. It is becoming the people’s government. A citizen of India is able to tweet back to the government while on go regarding the recent decisions including demonetization. Further, there are apps for an administration which are beneficial for the ministers in several ways. The Barnsley council has eased the everyday work process of its frontline staff.

EducationThe universities have eased the process of admission processes, enabled download of video lectures, notes, and more for the benefit of students. Even the staff members are finding the apps use to update their students’ academic records, keep a track of syllabus, school/college activities, and, etc. The online coaching system has become more convenient for users with the introduction of mobile apps.

Games: Mention not to say, games make crazy everyone irrespective of age. We find players busy mending the phone with Temple Run, Subway Surfer, Clash Royale, Hearthstone to the latest Pokemon Go. The download of game apps with 2D, 3D, and Augmented Reality (AR) are countless.

There are more sectors yet to be covered like Travel, Fitness, finance, banking, and more. We have discussed a few of the popular mobile apps here. If you are interested to know more about mobile apps or intend to develop a mobile application for your enterprise, you may get in touch with mobile app developers at www.mobibiz.in

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