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It is an appreciable thing that you are the trusted partner in the city dealing with branded Apparels and making a good amount of returns through your website. However, there is always a chance for growth! Right?! But How? When? Is it by Mobile Apps? Digital Marketing? Or whatsoever, many more questions may haunt you when the thought of business expansion strikes the mind. You may be in a glitch thinking of more support and functionality but may not be sure what exactly is the need. And, You verily need to look for someone who may rightly guide you what works better in growing your business.

As the first step, Ask Yourself!

Is it necessary for me to strengthen my online web presence (if so, how?) or make a mobile application?

A meager website may not suffice your online needs and Digital marketing must be your choice for website conversion. And mention not to say, mobile apps is crucial for your business growth. Obviously mobile apps are taking the lead as more people are involved in using mobiles as never ever before.

Let’s have a close eye on both of these services.

(1) Digital Marketing Services: Opting for the Digital Marketing Services brings your brand under the hood, deliver a perfect website that makes converts and maximize the Return on Investment.

The Main Advantages:

  • Most of the consumers today use the Internet to search information and it is crucial for your website to be visible on the search engine.
  • It increases the conversion rates by more than 24%.
  • Digital marketing saves money as compared to the traditional marketing expenses.
  • It enables real-time customer service and retains the customers.
  • The implementation of Digital strategy enhances ROI by more than 200 %.
  • You are never left behind your competitors.
  • It makes your small business function like the big business
  • It makes you get ready for the Internet of Things.

(2) Mobile Application Development: There is nothing to elaborate much more here, for we are the millennial generation adopted to smartphones usage. Obviously, we tend to shop over phones at our own time and your mobile visibility is a must.

The Main Advantages:

  • When you possess an app for your business, it easily showcases your products or the services to the regular and prospective customers. It acts as a one-stop solution for the info or purchase a customer would prefer.
  • With the mobile app, you may increase your engagement with the customers by using their profile information to customize push notifications and offer coupons or sales discount in real time.
  • You may lure more customers from any place through mobile apps. You can have hassle-free one to one communication with the customers, answer their queries, support their feedback, and so forth. Thus, gain the trust of countless customers.
  • Further, you may attract the younger generation by integrating your website with the mobile apps. When a successful business has the mobile app, there is no point in leaving the Mobile app development for a growing business.
  • The use of apps is nothing but a data collection tool. It acts as a medium to know the likes and dislikes of the customers which could be used to track the popular products and make a predictive analysis for increasing sales.


Now, the question is choosing the best firm who would provide you these services !!

A simple way is to Google search for the best company in the city, make a note of their achievements and portfolio, take an appointment and discuss with them for your requirements. If you find them convincingly good in terms of services and budget, you can always go ahead!

We, at Mobibiz stand as one of the best Mobile Application Development Company providing Mobile apps on the major platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, and cross-platform applications too. We provide App store Optimization services to optimize the app developed in the App market and make it easily visible in search results.

We would like to highlight a recent case study of our in this regard.

Case 1: A simple analysis of revenue of one of our clients dealing with Apparels online is as follows.

  • Revenue from website in May 2016: 325.2 dollars
  • Revenue for optimized Website in October 2016: 7479.6 dollars
  • Revenue from mobile apps in October 2016: 15934.8 dollars
  • Number of visitors in May 2016: 11, 472
  • Number of visitors from optimized website in October 2016: 18,721(13% increase)
  • Number of visitors through the apps in October 2016: 26,378 (26% increase)
  • Increases conversion rate due to Search Engine Optimization: 23%
  • Increased conversion rate due to mobile apps usage: 49%


Likewise, we have worked for grocery, FMCG, Health, Automobiles, Furniture, Shopping Apps, Jewelry, Home appliances, and so forth. You may get in touch with our business analyst and Mobile app developers for further details. Visit our site at

Looking for a mobile app development partner to create empowering business apps?

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