A Progressive Note on Progressive Web Application Development


The ongoing mobile era is brimmed with millions of apps on App stores. There are apps available for games, health and fitness, banking, and more at Google’s Play store and Apple’s App store. The Mobile Application development companies are always involved in research and development to bring out a better user experience from its previously developed apps to gain an increased popularity and ROI.

However, the statistics display a different scenario, wherein we find more than 50% of the smartphone users never download apps for more than a month or so. The reason could be attributed for over saturatedness or fading of interest leaving behind a market segment for novel and enhanced options. Moreover, the progressive web apps are gaining momentum in recent days. The mobile web application is the one which could work even on offline, possesses a responsive layout, and could be installed on the device’s home screen. By tapping the shortcut, the user may browse the site in full- screen mode.

These web apps are taking over the mobile apps downloading affinity as they are comparatively better in performance, offers more security, has retention rates, easy indexing in search engines, faster updates, works in offline mode, gets released without waiting for the App store permissions, functions like the website, and, etc. Let us explore a little bit more about these points.

Performance: The app developers deploy the latest technologies like service workers so that the web pages and content gets uploaded with unimaginable speed and efficiency. And, as the app is cached locally, it facilitates for faster access irrespective of the Internet speed.

Security: The progressive web apps are secure from middle-man attacks, spoofing or other modes to intercept HTTP as it is served through TLS connections. This is a real boon for the developers to pioneer the technology.

Ability to work offline: The user may load the pages when online and can browse the pages or the content in offline mode. Whereas the websites may fail to load on time displaying error messages or blank screens when encountered with the Internet connect issue.

Add to the home screen: As the progressive apps could be added to the home screen, there is increased chances to re-open the app very often as compared to the bookmarked websites.

Push Notifications: Just like the mobile apps, even the progressive apps has the capability for sending pushing notifications. It is a known fact that the businesses, marketers, and the conversion experts are crazy behind the push notifications to gain customers.

No waiting Time: The progressive apps could be made live as and when they are developed, whereas there is a waiting period of about two to four weeks for the mobile apps to be get approved by the App store for its release.

Faster Bug fixation and updates: The progressive web apps facilitate for faster iterations and fixes the bugs instantly as it does not need a moderator for approval of changes before releasing the new version.

With these and several other favorable potentialities for the progressive web apps, they are bound to take an appreciable level of market share. If you intend to develop a progressive web app for your website or have any queries regarding it, we are the experts in the domain with years of experience and an appreciable number of global clients. You may get in touch with our mobile app developers at www.mobibiz.in.

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