M-Commerce Is the Way to Success for Your Online Business

M-Commerce Development

The latest statistic report shows that one among every five individuals use the mobile network. Shopping through mobile has become so convenient that both consumers and the e-commerce retailers are attracted to it. The retailers are able to increase their sales by targeting a wide range of audience beyond geographical and time boundaries through the mobile website and the mobile apps. Likewise, the consumers are relieved from the efforts of visiting a physical store or browse through personal computers and laptops, as they are able to shop on the go from anywhere at anytime. As per the study, the number of smartphones users is expected to reach 243.3 billion by 2017( E-marketer research report).

In India, being digital is going viral with every house owning at least 2 smartphones, which is leading to an m-commerce era. The tier 2 and tier 1 cities have also started accessing the smartphones for shopping as commerce has become so simple for the people who are not familiar with technical know-how with 1-2-3 step model.

Further, the availability of cheap and reliable mobile data plans has retained the attention of the mobile users as they are able to browse the Internet at a cheaper cost and shop anytime. The leading Indian e-commerce players such as Snapdeal, Amazon, or the Flipkart have harvested the benefit of mobile app approach and gained online sales and more audience.

Let us look into some of the factors that have favored the M-commerce development.

  • The connectivity is easier and faster with mobile due to the availability of GPRS. The users get assistance throughout the day for any queries, able to transact beyond time and geographical boundaries.
  • As the smartphones are present in every household, the business owners are able to send personalized notifications and messages depending on the customer behavior to push sales.
  • The banking procedure, monetary transactions for purchase, and day to day transactions are secure and convenient with mobile. It is easy to carry too as it occupies less space and accessibility is also high.
  • The purchase process is streamlined and user-friendly with strong call-to-actions and immediate solutions for queries has made the phone as a necessity than a luxurious asset.
  • The business owners have realized the affinity of the public towards the mobile usage, and has strongly utilized it for growing business by conveying them their demands. Most of the business owners today get e-commerce apps developed for their businesses by contracting Mobile Application Development Company. If you are interested in getting developed mobile apps for your businesses or enterprise administration purposes, we are here to help you. We, at Mobibiz develop mobile applications on all major mobile devices working on operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, cross-platforms, hybrid apps, and, etc. Get in touch with us at www.mobibiz.in for all your mobile app related queries.

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