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enterprise mobility solution

The use of smartphones in the society has reached its height owing to the features it gives to the users. It has made life easy with a lessening of the time, beneficial features and an opportunity to research more and get oneself updated easily. Further, the right and actual benefit of mobility are felt by the e-commerce industry with e-commerce app development for their online stores and the enterprises with Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

The Enterprise mobility solutions have rightly increased the need for mobile application development. The apps thus developed work on various mobile sets including the PCs and the laptops. As most of the enterprise apps work on multiple front-end devices, there is the need of a common back-end. The main consideration in the type of app building includes the Native, Hybrid, and the responsive ones.

The native apps development are comparatively faster and could be installed on the phones of respective operating systems like the Android, iOS, Windows, and/or the Blackberry (to mention a few). However, it takes an independent time to get developed and calls for a re-work to support the new device or the operating system. But, one may exploit the total features of the devices in developing an app on the native platform for the users’ benefit.

On the other hand, the hybrid apps development is easier to develop and maintain today due to the web technologies like HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, and, more. It is easy to maintain too. The Enterprises today opt for Apache Cordova, Titanium, and/or the Xamarin platforms to own their hybrid apps. The native UI controls could be used in the app development process and provide a native feel when used across the platforms or the operating systems.

Moving further, the responsive app is the one which works on the mobile browser and the typical browser on a desktop or the laptop. The app could be accessed through the defined URL and operates in a browser environment. And, it does not support the mobile-specific interactions or the capabilities as it does not use the native features of the mobile device (for instance, camera). It resizes and repositions its components based on the available screen.

Further, the enterprise may opt for the Rapid Application Development strategy as it helps in faster app delivery with more consistent UI s that align with the corporate branding and design guidelines for the targeted device.

Whatever may be the choice, Mobibiz, the well-reputed Mobile App Development Company in India helps its enterprise clients in developing the apps on their desired platform like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, and hybrid apps. It also supports Rapid App Development process and witnesses a wide range of global clients across industries. For more details regarding enterprise mobility solutions, Data Governance and Security, and/or any other mobility solutions, you may get in touch with us at www.mobibiz.in.

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