A Peep into the Next Millennial Generation of Mobility

The smartphones have become our true companions. Do you wish to know how it is? Well, we shall recollect our day’s activity in a glimpse, and check how many ticks each could do.
My day starts with checking of what’s app message.

  • I start my day with reading of e-mails.
  • I read all the news while moving towards my office
  • I jot down notes during the meetings
  • I make ‘to-do-list’ everyday
  • I put reminders and maps for the next meet
  • I track my steps and calories burnt per day

I believe many of us would tick right against all these schedules of a normal day. The dependency over the phone has become so evident that it is impossible to think of a day without a phone. One of the strongest evidence of being a millennial generation is that you can’t live without a mobile and the smart way of your daily activities has begun. Right now, there is an app for everything on your phone. It is a fact that the kid today could handle the smartphone with ease as compared to their adult.

The term millennial refers to the mindset and not the age as such. The emergence of smartphones is replacing the toys, physical games, and real friends. It is forecasted that by 2021, about 64% of India’s workforce will be the millennial, and they are bound to check their smartphones with an average of 43 times a day. The English language will never recover from the damage caused by its style of usage through the smartphones. One may have more virtual friends than the real friends. You will have more selfies than the family photos in the album. And you are bound to witness the people who have never heard the landline ring tone, or seen the dial tone in real. And you no more will remember the days when you were gluing your eyes to the screen saver of the windows 98 as one of the favorite pastime. And there will be more things added to the list that are in reality today becoming a ‘lost memory’ or ‘never heard of such things’.

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