Get Rid of Mobile App Performance Issue Once and For All

The Mobile Technology has advanced to a greater extent today and most of the organization have realized it and started to reap the benefits of mobile application development. The mobile, a simple device used for the purpose of communication has changed as the device used for accessing the web, executing business, administering business, and more. The statistics anticipate that in the near future, people using the mobile devices will be more than the people using the desktop or the laptop. The mobile apps have become the crucial part of an organization’s core business involved in analytics, collaboration, and decision-making.

Evidently, the ubiquity of the smartphones has led to the colossal interest of the mobile app developers who strives to develop the app as the favourable one among the target users. One of the foremost step involved in the process is testing of the app for its performance before it is launched so that it never brings the dissatisfaction of the customers/users. Slow performance or an interruption in the mobile apps may make the customers reach your competitor and affect the reputation of the business.

The mobile app testing involves addressing the various challenges namely, the type of mobile apps, high volume of users, consistency in the performance irrespective of the load, different devices with varied screen sizes, mobile app security, network quality and capability, system integration, backend system, latency, and, etc. Though the faster delivery, quicker upgrade, or the reach to the market is the guideline; dealing with the adaptability issues, competing with the user, monitoring the bottlenecks, and, etc., during the design and development gives the genuine competitive edge and wins the real show.

A few of the key points involved in the testing strategy are:

  • Analysis of the network, server, and the condition of the device.
  • Testing of the app in the production environment.
  • Running and testing of the app for the mobile environment.
  • Checking and rechecking of the app under the anticipated peak load.
  • Testing across the geographical boundaries.
  • Testing of the app with the real users to obtain real-time feedback.

It is a need to understand the architecture of the performance testing at a holistic level in order to possess a successful mobile application and win the customers.
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