Know these Programming Languages to be A Mobile App Developer

A million of mobile applications have been developed so far and are being developed for the enterprises, corporates, and, the consumers. The comfort in carrying the device, user-friendliness, popularity in usage has created a compelling situation to welcome more mobile app developers to research and create productivity or the entertainment apps. Whatever field or category a developer strive to choose, the foremost thing is to start the process of development by choosing the best programming language, the operating system on which the app will run, the expected functionality, and the ease of writing code.

Let us know about the most popular programming languages that a mobile app developer ought to know to excel in the field of mobile application development.

Java: It is one of the most accepted and widely used programming languages. Java is the coding language for Android and as we all know, nearly 60% of the world’s mobile devices run on the Android platform today. Quite obviously, Java should be the choice.
Java runs both on the browser window and a virtual machine without the browser, and thus the codes could be reused.

Moreover, the language is used for the cross-platform app development frameworks.
The JS scripting language is used for the web browser app development and comfortable to add web page features, enterprise mobile app development. However, it could not be used in iOS apps development.

It is the programming language used to write the Apple’s latest APIs namely Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. It was mainly designed to plug the security vulnerabilities which was witnessed on Objective-C.

Swift 3.0 having a list of features, new guidelines to build APIs was unveiled at the WWDC 2016. The new version could be ported to other platforms like Linux, Windows, and the Apple’s Swift Evolution GitHUb page comes with the codes that have portable features. And, there is a spread of word that Google may adopt Swift in place of the Java-based development platform.

Objective-C is the primary language for the iOS platform which serves the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and the MacOS framework. It performs all the things as done by C and C++. And, Objective-C has additional functions for the graphics, I/O, and display. It has been replaced by Swift.

It is an object-oriented programming language used by Microsoft on the Windows platform. It is also used for cross-platform mobile application development and could be used in place of Objective-C, Swift or the Java.

The programming language facilitates insertion of data types, rationalize input parameters, uniform performance across various screen sizes and work seamlessly with the different browsers. It comes with advanced syntactic features and supports multimedia namely audio, video, and canvas tags.

It has precise features like drag-n-drop between the documents, offline editing, enhanced flexibility, messaging enhancements, and standardized data storage on SQL database.

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