An Outlook Into the Fifth Generation Mobile Technology

The digital wireless communication systems have been consistently developing to fulfil the growing needs of the humanity. If we look back, we find an advancement of one generation every decade in the field of mobile technology. The 1980s is referred as the First Generation (1G); 1990s as the Second Generation (2G); 2000s as the Third Generation (3G); 2010s as the Fourth Generation (4G), and currently we are advancing towards the 2020s, the Fifth Generation (5G) – the most sophisticated and smarter technology.

It is anticipated that the upcoming mobile technology would make the governance easier for the government, benefit the students as advanced courses, materials will be available online, facilitate the common people with Internet everywhere, and, so forth. It is expected that the technology would provide a much wider frequency bands coupled with the wider spectral bandwidth per frequency channel.

Some of the outlooks of the 5G generation are-

  • The Network availability would expand and available everywhere in such a way that people may use their computer, mobile devices anywhere and anytime.
  • The mobile IP address would be assigned in accordance with the connected network and geographical position owing to IPv6 technology.
  • The radio technologies will have a different version and share the spectrum in a more efficient manner, facilitating the people to avail radio signal even at higher altitude.
  • High capacity which would allow the connectivity of several devices simultaneously and instantaneously.
  • Reliable communications at lower investment for infrastructural development.
  • One may be able to pay all the bills in a single payment through the mobile.
  • The people may be able to visualize the planets and the universe.
  • The wearable devices would come with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.
  • The expected speed of the 5G generation is 1 to10 Gbps.
  • Battery life will be much longer and the world would be in Wi-Fi zone.

Some of the advantages for common man includes cherishing of parallel multiple services; control the PCs through the handset; comfortable and easier education and medical treatment; powerful monitoring of the governmental organization; reduced crime rate; possibility of locating or searching the missing person; early detection of natural disaster including earthquake, tsunami, and, etc.

The general perceptions of the possible future with reference to the available and growing technology seems to become true and the day is no farther.

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