User-centered Mobile Apps Design Connects the Expert and Novice Employees

A workplace is brimmed over with a diverse set of employees and it is bound to create dynamic environments. But, in terms of technology, we often hear a stereotypic opinion that older generations are less tech savvy and it may translate to problems in the workplace. However, in reality, every generation use the newer technology and the real gap is not the age, but the habit. For instance, the senior citizens use the social media more than the present generation.

The attitude and interest towards the new technology adoption differ between the younger and older workers. As the young employees have grown up with the technology, they rely on it for trying new solutions. Increased exposure to social media apps, gaming through personal devices like smart phones, tabs, and, etc., has enhanced their confidence level in using the technology, and they tend to implement technology in their work so as to automate the work tasks.

On the other hand, the older employees use technology after office hours and may not rely on them for their social interactions, entertainment as compared to the younger generation. They often remain content with the established workflows (with or without technology) and back out to explore new solutions.

The companies are bound to conquer the technology gap of their workforce and thereby increase their productivity and efficiency. Some of the recommendations in implementing the strategy are as follows.

The company must understand how the experienced and the novice employees may perform the same task. The novice employees must be given coaching through experts workflow. The design interface and interactions across the workforce must be easy to use and intuitive. The experts and the novice employees must be paired up to increase the comfort with the technology, broaden the knowledge and the skills. The use of mobile technology could be explored to the maximum for the benefit of both the experts and the novice employees. This could bring in a significant impact on business leading to a high return on investment.

We, at Mobibiz emphasis on latest user-centered designs for the Enterprise mobile apps developed at our end on the major platforms like Android app development and iPhone app development. The mobile apps developed by us comprehends the users’ demand and make your workflow easier than ever before and bridge the gap between the experts and the novice employees.

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