The Predictable Features of Apple’s iOS 10


Apple announced its iOS 10 operating system for the iOS devices on 13th June 2016.
The new update is anticipated to get released in September with the iPhone 7 launch followed by updates in case of older versions. The operating system features novel and exciting enhancements which include Photos, Maps, Siri, Apple music, a variety of apps, and, services. It claims to be the biggest iOS release ever since its inception revolutionising the iPhone app development company. In the Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC), it unveiled the ten new features.

Screen Redesign: Apple has unveiled that the iPhone would light up and move on to the Home screen when the phone is just lifted up. Several 3D touch shortcuts have been introduced which lets the user respond in better ways with interactive onscreen notifications. One may accept invitations, stay in the message thread over the lock screen. The user may track the progress of the uber driver in a live animated way. The control centre has got redesigned and could be customized as per the context. Further, one may swipe left for a list of customizable widgets. The slide to unlock has been replaced with press home to open which prompts to enter a passcode or use Touch ID.

Siri: The biggest modification to Siri is that Apple welcomes third party developers leading to activation of the function of non-Apple apps through voice control. The Siri would support Slack, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Runkeeper, and more apps.

QuickType: QuickType would be more proactive to get the other apps data. If someone asks about your whereabouts, it will offer the location as a suggested answer; if someone asks for an e-mail id of a person and iOS carries the details prior, it would suggest the contact details; support multilingual typing without the need of keyboard switching; and more.

Photos: The photos will use deep learning techniques and draw the linked photos, videos, people and time together automatically and highlight the trip mementoes.

Maps: The maps in iOS 10 comes with proactive elements. A few of them are the suggestion of possible destinations as the user slide upwards from the bottom of maps, depending on routine schedule time like the workplace, the destination would appear; detecting location by picking up from the calendar appointment, offering alternative routes on the fly, search filters, and, etc.

Music: It possess lyrics for certain songs on screen, music will continue while taking photos facilitating an uninterrupted music session.

News: Apple has subscriptions for news and added notification of breaking news.

Homekit and Home App: It is about to launch a Home app and manage all the home appliances from one hub.

Voicemail transcription: iOS will convert the user’s speech into text so that one have to just glance through the voicemail without the need to listen.

Messages: The user may use rich links in their messages. Furthermore, the message will get scanned and highlight the words that could be replaced with emoji. Moreover, the emoji has got increased three times in its size and could be incorporated into the predictive text.

In addition to these special features, we may expect several bonus features like remembering the place where the car got parked, wake alarm and bedtime feature, 3D touch for renaming folders, a dark mode for night view, and, more.

The new launch of iPhone 7 and 7 plus is going to be the best ever wonder of the virtual world by getting closer and interactive to the human needs. For more details on iPhone apps development, one may get in touch with iPhone (iOS) developers at Mobibiz, an Indian based Mobile application development company.

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