Android Pay: The Mobile Payment System for the Year 2016

Google’s Android Pay is the simple and more rewarding payment system for the Android mobile users to have a hassle-free shopping. It uses Near Field Communication (NFC) which requires an NFC-enabled terminal. Some of the popular chains that have adopted the technology are McDonalds, Duane Reade, Subway, Whole Food Market, and, etc.

Android Pay has supporting payments in the app and saves the time with one-tap payment while shopping. It gets activated automatically and authorizes the payment with a tap on the fingerprint scanner as the phone is brought close to the terminal.
Furthermore, in an NFC-enabled terminal, the actual card number is not transferred
as the transaction involves encrypted tokens saving the details from malicious attacks. Another security aspect is the Secure Element (SE), a distinct chip built inside the phone itself which assists in generating a random, one-time use code with a physical design protected from hardware attacks.

Android Pay supports all the smartphones running Android 4.4 KitKat and later with an NFC chip. The app has a clean interface and could be downloaded free from the Google Play Store. There is no more fumbling through the wallet or handing over the card in a store. The phone could be unlocked, kept near the contactless terminal, then the pay is easy with a simple tap. The loyalty points are automatically added during the checkout process. As and when a purchase is made, a payment confirmation is received by the user with the transaction details along with the merchant’s number and name, creating an alert for the user from any suspicious activity.

Most of the US retailers (and outside the US) are expected to introduce NFC-terminals and cashiers are bound to get used with the mobile payment mode. Moreover, currently, only top-end devices support the phone payments apart from Android devices.

Though we may carry our wallets or the cards at the end of 2016, we may be bound to use them less. For more details regarding mobile payments, get in touch with Android app developers at Mobibiz, an Indian based Mobile Application Development Company.

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