Expect Google’s New Messaging Apps- Allo this Summer

Google I/O is the developer-focused conference organised by Google in San Francisco, California every year. It features in-depth technical sessions on building mobile, web and, enterprise applications with Google and focuses on web technologies namely Chrome, Chrome OS, Android, Google Web Toolkit, and more. The developers, executives and engineers working on major platforms would attend the conference and discuss Android evolution in the near future.

As per the recent conference note, Google is all set in making an AI-powered attempt into messaging with Allo, the new mobile-only app. Allo is getting ready to become the Android’s default messaging app incorporating a number of features like Google Assistant integration to search restaurants, book tickets, and everything Google search may do and all within the app itself. It is a perfect conversation which lets the user chat with the Google and their friends as well. The user has to sign in with the mobile phone number and has the option to connect with the Google account.

It comes with the usual messaging features like texting, emoticons, customization of stickers, drawing of photos, managing the font size of the text message, and, etc. In addition to all these general features, the stand out feature is the Google Assistant. The users may call on the Google Assistant for any assistance regarding information and automated generated replies. For instance, assistance regarding things, events plan, smart replies with stickers, and emoticons, and so forth. Moreover, the messages in Allo are encrypted and has the option to go incognito for end-to-end message encryption, with private notifications and expiring of messages. But, one must be careful that once the incognito conversation gets deleted on Allo, it is once for all and may not be able to retrieve it again.

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