Apple Pay: The Secure Way of Payment for the Shoppers

apple pay

The advent of smartphones and its importance for the consumers is a well-known fact already. To add on to the list, one more essential facility that pleases the consumers is the Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a safe and secure payment system which facilitate the mobile owners to use their devices as credit cards. The credit card information stored on the devices make things easier and faster for the consumers by keeping all the payment history and transactions organized. The Apple Pay passbook is an integral part of the new phones and the mobile devices with Apple Pay facility include iPhone 5, 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+, Apple watch compatible devices, iPad Air2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 3 and 4.

Apple Pay provides an easy, private, and, secure way of payment for physical goods and services like clothing, groceries, tickets, and reservations at contactless points of sale [POS] and in iOS apps. It simply replaces the credit or debit card chip, PIN and magnetic stripe transaction at POS terminals. Several POS and terminals are equipped with NFC software. Therefore, there is no extra cost or burden to set it up.

The Apple devices communicate wirelessly using a near field communication (NFC) antenna, Secure element (a chip which stores the encrypted payment information), Apple’s Touch ID and the wallet. As the consumer’s identity is verified by the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, the transaction is safe and authentic.

Advantages of Apps using Apple Pay

  • Easy and secure way to buy goods and services
  • Make purchase without contact, billing and shipping details
  • Apple does not share the actual credit/debit card details of the user
  • An appreciable level of reduction in check out time
  • Apple Pay could be used even for club memberships, tickets for events, and hotel reservations.
  • Supports participating banks’ Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and China Union Pay credit and debit cards.
  • Simpler payment process than the swiping cards.
  • No extra charges deduction either for the retailers or the shoppers for the service.
  • Protect the consumer accounts even if the device is lost.
  • Payments are private as Apple does not store the transaction details
  • Easy to locate the Apple Pay mark/contactless symbol at the checkout counter

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