Group Activities Made Easy with Google Spaces


Google officially launched its much awaited product ‘Google Spaces’ on 16th May 2016, as both the desktop and mobile app for all Gmail accounts. Spaces is the novel app which facilitates the Gmail account users to create a group through an invite and share materials namely articles, images, videos, texts, links, and more. The app comes with an inbuilt facility to acquire core services like Google Search, You Tube and Google Chrome.

The Google Spaces streamline the process of communication with several people in a group. The conversational view lets one to see the entire group’s talk at the moment, and also one may quickly search for the earlier conversation.

The Google Space in Mobile App

  • It could be downloaded for free
  • Download Open Spaces for Android and iOS
  • Sign into the gmail account for the first time
  • Tap create a space on the screen
  • Enter a name for your space on the untitled area
  • Invite other people to join by tapping the Invite via link
  • Make a post by tapping the Post button
  • You may use the links of Google search, YouTube, Image, Quote
  • Once the post is shared, it could be seen in a conversational view by tapping on the post.
  • You may even delete the post
  • You receive notifications of other users’ contribution in the activity center that is accessed from the main menu
  • You may access to the spaces you created or joined via the Spaces option in the main menu bar
  • You may even manage your gmail account by tapping the profile picture from any of the screen

The Google Space in Web App

The steps involved are more or less the same after opening the in the desktop or the mobile browser.

Importance of Google Spaces

The Google Spaces facilitates the people to create a space on anything without the limitation of the text input or the numbers in the cell. One may create space for an event, project, or any topic of general interest. Spaces are generally shared by small groups of friends, family or the colleagues to coordinate and discuss on common interests. With Google Spaces, it’s the right time now to create a first space for oneself.

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