Active Defense Enhances Cyber Security Operations

Cyber security is an inherent defensive capability for any of the organizations. Understanding the cyber business risks and anticipating what the attackers may look for from the organization enables it to establish “Targeted defense” with prioritization (of people, business areas) and crystallization of vulnerabilities. Cyber Threat Intelligence enable to conduct active defense like looking out for potential attackers, analyze, assess the threat, and neutralize the threat before it damages the organization’s critical assets. It enables you to proactively manage the threats and counter-measures.

Some of the key questions to ask oneself about their online business (be it a Magento multi-store business, PrestaShop e-commerce store, Woocommerce establishment, e-commerce apps, enterprise apps, and, etc.) security function are put forward below.

  • The available business information to any of the attacker and the most probable usage of it.
  • The kind of attackers like adversaries, criminal network to sell things, fraudsters, nation-state attackers, and, etc.
  • The likely ability of the attackers like resources, timelines, recruit insiders, technical capabilities, and, etc.
  • The vulnerability of the desired targets or the assets and its exploitation
  • Specific paths of attacks like a payment system, recruiting an insider, spear-phishing board members or the targeted employees.
  • Awareness of the effective counter measures.
  • Learnings from previous encounters (if any).

The solutions to these questions may help the e-commerce business persons to have strategic business decisions and get equipped against the attack. The actual analysis of threat intelligence help to identify likely attackers, infer their targets within the business, develop hypotheses, and enable the implementation of counter-measures. The Active defense enhances the enterprise’s security capabilities and protection against the persistent attackers. It also assesses the risk implications in case of a major cyber breach.

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