The Kind Of Mobile Applications Which Have Huge Potential For Success

The increasing number of smartphone users, worldwide, has naturally built a big market for mobile applications. It is worth noting the kind of apps that have been most successful. According to both Nielsen and Forrester Research, communication and social apps are most used, followed by games and music apps.Thus, making an app based on these  categories, can prove to be a big business success. Let us explore these categories in detail :

Communication:  Different settings and needs have created a need for different kinds of communication apps. For instance, communication in an office environment can be facilitated with speed through an application that enables file sharing and provides for group and private chat, both. On the other hand, informal communication can be made more personal and fun by enabling doodling and usage of fun stickers.

Social : Whether you wish to make new contacts in your profession or find a jogging partner in your area, there is a mobile based social application for every purpose. To make a successful social app, you need to gauge the kind of users who would be more likely to engage with your app and the problem which you wish to solve. For instance, young professionals face a barrier to connect with relevant professionals. The Linkedin app solves this problem efficiently. Another example of a networking problem is not being able to connect with people who have similar interests that of yours. This problem can be solved by a social app.

Music: Music apps can collect and serve music of a certain variety in one platter of an app. Such apps are popular since they cut down the required effort of a music lover to search for his/her favourite songs and then download them from various sources. Thus, a music app can attract users listening to a particular type of music.

Games: Games have always been the most popular medium for recreation. In our digital world, mobile application games are all the more significant. Though there are already many app games in the market, there is always scope for success for a game that is interesting and engaging. The most beneficial and interesting aspect these games, is that these games do not have to be made by keeping specific users in mind and thus, an enjoyable game can gain international popularity in no time.

Thus, an app which is based on the four categories of communication, social networking, music and games, can be quite a success and now is the right time to convert the growing base of smartphone users into your mobile application’s loyal users.

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