Secure your Apple Device by These Essential Steps

We find a continuous surge in the iPhone usage day by day. The IDC Company reported a 13.5% of global smartphone shipments recently. The popularity of the iPhone among the users has encouraged the iPhone app developers to develop more applications and thus we find new mobile applications added on daily basis over the App store. At the same, it has invited hackers too. In the last two years, there is an increase in the Apple malware infection. Though the security team is seriously indulged in ensuring the safety of iOS devices, it is important for the users to apply the right security measures.

Some of the precautious measures an iPhone user may adopt are briefed below.

Say no to Jailbreak: It is an unpleasing attitude where several Apple users opt for jail breaking i.e., the process of removing the software restrictions which is imposed by the Apple on its devices. When it is done so, the device gets exposed to high risk from malware, difficult to get patches or the updates, and, more. Moreover, there is no warranty available for the device post jailbreak.

Attentively ignore pop-ups: The attackers keep finding ways to install malware on the device. Do not accept and click over enticing messages or ad pop-ups which ask you to ‘click here’. Once clicked, it would become an easy way to introduce viruses into the system.

Change your strong passwords often: It is advices to maintain a long, strong password and keep changing it often. This makes the hackers difficult to use the password hacking software and in turn prevent them from accessing your account. Furthermore, it is better not to use similar password for multiple accounts. It is just like using different key for your home door and car, for is someone steals the car; it is easy for him to ransack the house also.

Beware of Wi-Fi hotspot: iPhones automatically connects to the known WiFi without permissions. The criminals may establish fake wireless networks and your phone will be working in malicious WiFi network in no time, draining away the data to the scammer. Thus, beware of your WiFi network or simply turn off the option to save your data.

Protect your contacts, messages or the photos: Most of the apps today access the data from GPS to contacts. For instance, when third party keyboard is installed, your data is accessed to use it. If you find unsecure, you may always opt for preventing these corporation-driven apps from accessing the data.

Beware of the updated things to a certain extent and protect your devices and yourselves from the unwanted hands for the better use of technology in day to day activities.

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