The Best Three Exciting Development in Mobile Apps


People have become dependent on their mobile phones for practical reasons in their day to day activities. The usage of mobile is not restricted to texting or calling to the people they are interested with, but are moving beyond it. Yes! It is apps. People are spending more time on personalizing the phones and productivity apps. Obviously, mobile application development has become one of the most important elements in the current technology era.

The increase in popularity of mobile apps usage has made the app market incredibly competitive and mobile app developers are pressurized in a way to create and integrate new technology for the apps to increase their market infusion. Let us have a peep into the world of mobile application development and foresee the developments occurring over there.

3D Touch:
3D touch is in developmental stage now and will become the integral part of the mobile usage very soon and is predicted that the next iPhone would include the second generation 3D technology. It is aimed to save time wherein the 3D touch allows the user to impose pressure and bring up a set of quick options. For instance setting an alarm with a clock app; pressing the finger to get a quick preview of the email; amount of pressure applied to control the keys of a piano, and so forth.

Gesture controls:
Gesture control makes the phone as an intelligent device where the opening and closing of apps occur with a hand movement; automation locker; simple swipe of the hand to answer or reject a call; as a fun aspect in entertainment apps, and so forth. Moreover, we may predict that the companies would utilize this technology in no time.

Mobile Payment:
Mobile payment with PayPal, Apple Pay has already been introduced to the public. The future possibility is Google is trying to introduce a technology where Android users will be able to pay for their purchase with a voice command. The technology is going to be introduced in America’s fast food restaurants: McDonalds and Papa Johns.

In a nutshell, the mobile app technology is centered towards improving gaming experience and reduce the time spent on mobile for everyday chores like setting alarms, payments, and, etc. and, one may not be in a surprise mode when mobile technology take us to a world in the coming years which we might have never dreamt of.

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