The Role of Accelerated Mobile Pages For E-commerce

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP), an open source initiative addresses the site loading problem, enable the content to load instantaneously and provide better web experience for the users. AMP possess an amp-analytics element, built-in support for Google Analytics, and facilitates to track user interactions with AMP pages. It works by restricting the ability to add custom JavaScript to pages and relying on built-in reusable components.

The Google Analytics Support
Analytics on AMP is handled by an open source and reusable component. The component could be configured with Google Analytics specific configuration parameters and thus, making it possible to record the page views, events, and custom dimensions. The configuration works with the global event listener which automatically detects the triggers such as button presses. Henceforth, custom JavaScript need not be scattered throughout the page and detect the events and hits. Moreover, one may define the actions that has to trigger the hits within the configuration section.

The Google Analytics team is excited and is readily supporting the AMP from the day of initiation. Further, it is looking forward for the AMP’s expansion capabilities as well. The technology partners like Google Search, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are also joining in to start surfacing AMP pages shortly.

AMP for E-commerce
The developers deploying platforms other than WordPress to develop the e-commerce websites ought to be familiar with the subset of HTML called AMP HTML to manage the content. As the AMP supports the content which constitutes as the ‘news’ more as compared to other types of content, the AMP framework could be utilized for the blogs and editorial sites to speed up the load times for mobile customers and gain access to the AMP carousel.

Though Google has not officially announced that implementation of AMP will lead to a boost in mobile search rankings, load time and speed are Google ranking factors. As AMP plays a key role on load speed, it is predicted that the AMPs would boost search engine optimization in the future.

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