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The use of smartphones are increasing in our personal and professional life as they maintain our social media accounts, synced files, documents, e-mails, photos, messages, and more. Though this this is helping to make our decisions handy and easy in one go; it is a matter of concern and security in the other hand. Just imagine if you lose your mobile phone, or your mobile gets hacked or intentionally stolen by someone. You should be left in lurch, right?! Well, there is nothing to worry if you follow certain security tips to protect your Android smartphone.

  1. Disable your app downloads from unknown sources other than Google Play Store. Just go to your settings menu, and disable installation of “unofficial” apps.

  2. Avoid saving all your important passwords on mobile. Instead use password wallet apps namely Android password safe, Roboform, and, etc.

  3. Protect your information through locking the apps. Lock your e-mail; file manager apps with a combination of in or pattern lock.

  4. Go through the permissions, understand what the app actually does, the details it acquires before downloading any of the new apps.

  5. Protect your apps with android anti-malware apps: Kaspersky, AVG, Norton, and, etc. This app protects your device from anti-theft, anti-spam, privacy protection, data encryption, firewall protection, and, etc.

  6. Do not connect your mobile with unknown public wi-fi networks. Use an app like Hideninja VPN to keep your outgoing connection encrypted.

  7. Install a remote wipe or the lock app, so that you may be able to wipe/lock the app in case your smartphone gets stolen.

  8. Regularly update your mobile with the latest security updates and improve the experience as well.

  9. Create multiple user accounts if the same phone is shared between colleagues/team in an office or between the family members to protect private data.

  10. Never click on links sent by unknown sender or any short links you feel fishy.

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