Simplify Your Mobile Application Development With HTML 5


Several organizations today are looking for HTML 5 mobile application development owing to its simplicity, affordability, and implementation of mobile apps across multiple platforms.

The main advantage of HTML 5 apps is that it could be run anywhere once written. It is a collection of webpages that is optimized for various mobile devices. It comes with advanced capabilities to streamline videos, audio data, handle graphics, animation, and even provide offline support. Most of the HTML 5 applications integrate Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) defining the HTML components within a browser. As majority of the browsers support these technologies, it is possible to implement web based apps.

HTML 5 mobile application development framework toolkits comprises of libraries for CSS and JavaScript files that could be used by the developers. The framework addresses the issues related to building apps using HTML 5. Further, it is easier to implement behaviour which relies on JavaScript. For instance. Screen transition, list scrolling, and, etc. Henceforth, it is easier to create HTML 5 apps as the sensitivity involved in the development process are already taken care of. Moreover, HTML5 is platform agnostic.

However, there are certain points to remember while developing HTML 5 Apps. They are:

  • Limitations of memory
  • Performance restrictions
  • Management of page flow
  • Ensure the quality of UX
  • Build light weight mobile apps
  • Testing of apps on various platforms
  • Check offline support operations
  • Cyber attacks

Though HTML 5 has moved a long way, it has its own limitations. It may not be able to compete with each and every capabilities of the native app. For example, GPS. And native apps outperform the HTML 5 apps as the former one is the part of the machine’s code whereas the latter one is often subjected to experience lengthy load times for want of optimal design.

When all these things are taken care, HTML 5 apps are bound to exceed expectations in mobile application development.

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