The Impact of Mobile Trends on The Businesses 2016

app trend 2016

The constant increase in mobile usage is expected to increase further in this year 2016 also. And smartphones today are available in the form of quality and friendly budget range facilitating all types of the mobile buyers. This has invariably led to the demand of business apps which works effectively across the platforms. The number of mobile devices connected to the Internet is at an amazing level and could be exploited by the start-ups and the existing businesses as well to derive profit.

The business owners have already realized that their customers are spending their time on mobile for a living, working, and exploring new things. They may be able to manage their business through mobile solutions like easy-to-use CRM, back-end business management capabilities, and client engagement. Some of the forecasts are summarized below.

Mobile payments or cashless payments are expected to increase further becoming the only conduit for payment for daily activities. This will be convenient for both the merchants and the buyers for it saves them from carrying bundles of cash.

The mobile application development on various platforms combined with fused location services would bring the people and business persons close together and interact with trust.

The ads companies will focus on targeted advertising based on users’ interest through tracking of mobile apps and platform usage. Thus mobile users would be getting personalized and valuable messages, push notifications, emails, and, etc., promoting selective business.

The video ads on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and mobile apps will be more prevalent with eye-catching and compelling messages.

Though complete replacement of websites by apps may appear to be still far away, business people will adopt for more apps to realize their online visibility.

Moving forward with Google’s algorithm and priorities, mobile apps are set to replace the desktop completely. The millennial generation’s way of mobile usage is expected to impact the way of businesses shortly.

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