Complete History And Future of Android Application

Today android is the most dominant mobile operating system with more than 80 percent of the smart phones using the same. Initially android was like a nightmare for the developers and as per many experts it would hardly take 10 minutes for a developer to get mad using android official IDE.
The eclipse ADT plug-in was very slow, unfriendly for the programmers, and buggy while handling bit complex projects. At that time no one would have thought that it could revolutionize to today’s level.

OS fragmentation

The best part of the android operating system was that it was regularly getting updated and new versions were released quickly with many useful and user friendly updates. These regular updates were reducing the headache of android app development company as development job was becoming easier with every update. However, for some developers it was more work because they had to redesign and code the program to adjust with latest version of the OS.

User Interface

The old user interface of android was very poor and dull on the other hand the same time iOS apps were like full of life and colors. It was after 2013 when android got too much of support from every corner and things started changing. Now the user interface is very much competitive with iOS.

The latest innovation in android is known as Material Design that is believed to bring drastic change in the look and feel of the android applications with providing options for bold animations to the developers. Now even the IDE for Android is changed and all the applications are migrated to new IDE called Android Studio. If you are an android application development company then you are also strongly advised to migrate all your projects to Android Studio to enjoy many unique and wonderful features.

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