The Mobile App Development- 2015 and 2016

mobile app development

Mobile usage has drastically increased in a geometrical ratio in the last two years. It is not a wonder to learn shortly that the number of mobiles is more as compared to the number of people present across the globe. Several people own two-three phones as per their requirement and interests like official, personal and entirely for game playing.

Apps, being the primary catalyst has led to the consistent increase in the number of mobiles. Mobile app development industry continues to revolutionize the lifestyle of the people millions of apps available in the market, and new apps on the pipeline.

As the New Year is approaching, we shall look back to examine how far it has reached and attempt to visualize what it could be in the coming year 2016.

The Year 2015

  • The Mobile App Development has earned its own identity as a distinct industry.
  • The mobile app has permeated all the industry verticals, sectors, social media, enterprise communications and more.
  • The slogan “ Bring Your Own Device [BYOD]” has become the real movement.
  • The market has welcomed the new tools to aid with testing framework and better simulation environments, enabling the testers to find problems in a more easy way.
  • The demand for wearable tech integrated with apps is increasing steadily.

The Year 2016

  • Cloud-based, cloud-driven technology for necessary functionality, and instant sync of      data across a wide spectrum of devices.
  • It is time to put significant effort to enterprise-grade security tactics.
  • We may expect more cross-platform technology tools.
  • A significant decrease in the period of mobile app development.
  • Greater emphasis will be laid on user experience and user analytics.
  • A better marketing, advertising and purchasing through apps.

The coming year may lead to an exceptional level of connectivity among the people.
Though, we may not exactly know what’s in store, mobile apps are bound to stay here playing a major role in our activities.

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