New Features of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow That you Need to Know About

Unlike what many smart phone users expected the latest version of the Android Marshmallow isn’t a complete overhaul but in fact an extension and refinement of the key functions and features that were introduced in Android Lollipop.

Released recently on September 29, 2015 here are a few things that you need to know about this awaited update –

Google Now on Tap

  • The star feature of this Android update, Google Now on Tap is able to read the content of any screen on your phone regardless of whether it is a Google or third-party app to deliver Keyword-based relevant information on the screen.
  • This includes Google search results about places, people and things mentioned in a blog piece you may be reading or app suggestions that are relevant to what you are doing at the moment (Maps or Yelp! In case you mention a restaurant in a text)
  • Get help without being forced to leave what you are doing in an app or on a browser.
  • Enhanced voice functionalities allow you to have a dialogue with any of your apps.
  • Direct share features allow you to share with the right people through the right app.
  • Your device automatically goes into a sleep stand to improve your standby battery life with the “Doze” feature.
  • Seldom used apps will no longer drain your battery since the App Standby feature limits their impact.
  • Power and data can now be transferred through the same cable with USB Type C Support. Enjoy lightning fast charging.
    Privacy and Security
  • Apps that are designed for Android Marshmallow only ask for permission rights if necessary. You can now deny permission and still use the app as it is meant to be used.
  • Advanced controls help change permission settings.
  • Verified Booting sends warnings if the Android OS or firmware has been modified from its factory version.
  • Fingerprinting sensors now allow you to make Google Play purchases, authenticate transactions and also make payments.
  • Productivity
  • Bluetooth Stylus support enhances pressure sensitivity and modifier keys.
  • Enhanced text rendering and typesetting performance
  • Save paper with support of duplex printing
  • Smarter text selection capabilities along with built in undo/redo features and text actions closer to fingers for enhanced efficiency.
  • Translate option allows you to translate from one language to another on the spot.
    System Usability
  • In your locked screen, the bottom corner shortcuts that took users to the dial pad or the camera now takes you to Google’s voice search feature – an important clue on the integration of voice commands in the latest Android update.
  • Your app drawer comes with a vertical scrolling list as against the older paginated horizontal one. You can now scroll through your list of apps or make use of a scrubber bar on the right that lets you directly jump to a specific alphabet.
  • Most importantly, users can benefit from a predictive app that appears on a special section on top of the app drawer. This lists apps based on frequency of use, time of day, etc.
    In addition to this, the App Links feature and the simplified toggle and configuration of Do Not Disturb from the quick settings capability among many others add to the functionality of the latest Android OS.

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