A Walk-through of The Hurdles in Android’s Way to Keep The Lead

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Over the past a few years, the android smartphone market has evolved into a fully-fledged domain that has successfully turned into a robust ecosystem. Android is an open-source operating system that runs on millions of smartphones and tablets worldwide. On an average, its has over 1.4 billion active users a month. However, various mobile phone manufacturers offer android phones with custom features, which points towards the uncertain future of this operating system. Also, when it comes to android app development company in India, the market is fragmented and the same introduces various security issues in android application development.

The increasing popularity and corresponding demand for android smartphones in India and other countries lead to the shifting of the smartphone market from the countries like China and the US to these countries, including Brazil. Google is trying hard to keep its control on the project called Android One. At the same time, the leading local vendors offer the customized editions of the android operating system in order to cater to their target audience in a better way.

As per a report, in the second quarter (Q2) of 2015, the smartphones running android were roughly about 282.5 million (i.e. 83% of the total). In contrast, only 47.3 million iOS running smartphones were shipped during the period. If we see, more than one-third of the total android users are still running its obsolete versions, released in 2012. Taking the viewpoint of an android application development company, these users must not be left unattended while creating mobile applications for any client. For the help, a lite version of such applications can be created, which can efficiently run on these android devices. When it comes to business, these service providers must ensure the one-third share of the users is considered and the services are offered to them as well.

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