Amazing iPhone 6S Features You Must Learn To Use

iPhone 6S Features

iPhone 6S has been launched successfully and Apple expected to have sold 76-million devices by the end of this year. Amongst the key features of iPhone 6S, 3D touch appears to be the most innovative in terms of UI ever since the company led to the iPhone MultiTouch revolution in 2007.

This time, Apple has unveiled the another surprising features in its recently launched iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. So if you are planning to have it or already have one, mentioned below are some ideas or tips to help you have a better grip with it.

Swipe : You can quickly head to the multi-tasking view by simply swiping the display from the left, with a little pressure applied. You can tap and start any of the tasks right from there.

Selfie : If you want to take a selfie, you can click it very quickly. All you need to do is, press and hold the Camera icon on the home screen, and then select the right option from the Quick Actions menu to take a selfie.

Mail : iPhone Mail client is the perfect app to learn to use the 3D touch feature. Just open Mail, touch and hold a message for more options and to view the message body. If you slide up a little, it provides you a list of available actions.

Message : You can choose to send a text message or email, make a voice/video call to anyone from your inbox by pressing a name.

Video Message : You can preview a video quickly in your message view its thumbnail by pressing it. Press and hold to play the video.

Zoom : iPhone 6S has a hidden Zoom feature and you have to enable it manually. Navigate to Settings>General>Accessibility>Zoom and enable Zoom as well Show Controller. Now, you can press and hold the Zoom Controller on the screen, it starts zooming in automatically, and zooming out after you release it.

Trackpad : iPhone 6S trackpad turns grey when you touch and hold it a little longer, and then you can move the cursor across the keypad. Press firmly to select a word, press twice to select a sentence, and press three times to select a paragraph and continue.

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