Mobile-friendly Website Is Not Sufficient! Get Your Mobile App Today

Mobile-friendly Website Is Not Sufficient! Get Your Mobile App Today

Business enterprises recently taken a big step forward to securing their presence in the Internet world, after the search engine giant Google has announced that no website will appear on the search engine result pages in the event of failing to have its mobile-screen compatibility. In fact, no matter whether a website is mobile-friendly, it cannot serve an increasingly large customer base except it is available as a mobile App.

Which One Better Suites to Your Business – Native App or Hybrid App?

As per an analysis, mobile apps are more convenient and better serve the users in a way better than a mobile-friendly website or a desktop website. A mobile app facilitates one-touch access to the website a quick and smart way. A mobile app may portray the same GUI as that of the mobile-friendly website. However, you must choose wisely if you would like to go for a mobile app or a mobile-friendly website.

Native Apps

Native mobile apps require writing code in a specific programming language, viz, Java for Android and Object Oriented C for iOS-based devices, such as iPhone and iPad. These apps are highly reliable, efficient, and give high performance when run on compatible devices. Various online shopping apps provide the retailers comparatively more customers, which is quite a great reason to choose a native app for business.

For businesses that require integrating their existing services into their mobile apps for the things like log-in, profile/account management, a native app is a great choice.

Hybrid Apps

These apps present you the UI of the mobile-friendly website inside a native container that utilizes the mobile’s hardware to function. Such a website is operational across multiple platforms using the technologies like JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS. However, they have a device- specific nature and the website content placed on different sections may vary as per the device’s screen resolution. The most common platforms to build hybrid apps are Mosync and PhoneGap.

Take the right step now and get ready to make your way towards the success.

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