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Blockchain offers a tonne of business benefits. Blockchain dapps bring in high scalability and security; smart contracts rush and streamline business operations; tokenization offers innovative financial assets; and much more.

Blockchain is redefining industries by facilitating speed, accuracy, and complete transparency.

Partner with Mobibiz, the leading blockchain app development company, and harness blockchain's limitless business potential. Our blockchain app development services craft cutting-edge solutions tailored to your business objectives.

Navigate the complex blockchain landscape with ease.

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Our Comprehensive Blockchain App Development Services

Blockchain Consulting

At Mobibiz, our dedicated experts offer project planning consultations for your blockchain solutions. Our seasoned professionals review the design and functionality to equip you with the finest solution that tackles your unique challenges.

Custom Blockchain Development

Expect robust, secure, and goal-oriented solutions tailored precisely to your business needs. Our custom blockchain app development services launch your project from scratch or refine existing systems with proficient blockchain solutions.

Blockchain dApps Development

Get scalable, secure, and lucrative decentralised applications (dapps) with Mobibiz. Our extensive experience in crafting feature-packed custom dapps empowers your businesses to have a decisive edge in the competitive domain.

Blockchain Wallet App Development

Under our complete blockchain and crypto wallet development service, our adept developers ensure security and accelerated transactions with essential features like QR scanners, biometrics, cross-platform compatibility, and more.

Enterprise Blockchain Development

As a leading blockchain app development company, our adept developers offer tailored system integrations. We cater to the unique needs of enterprises, offering high-end application development that aligns precisely with your specifications.

Smart Contracts Development

Smart contracts are your gamechangers. Our adept developers automate your business operations and streamline workflows with various smart contract technologies and programming languages.

Asset Tokenization Platform Development

Access lucrative digital financial assets through our robust tokenization services. Our enterprise-level platform development empowers seamless asset trading across various digital platforms, maximising your potential for diverse investments.

Crypto Exchange Development

Our expert team ensures a scalable, reliable exchange platform where users can facilitate seamless buying, selling, and trading in cryptocurrencies, leveraging deep industry experience and the necessary tools.

IEO and ICO Development

Our adept blockchain and crypto developers assist in creating a robust Initial Exchange Offering platform capable of securing massive funding for your cryptocurrency ventures. Experience comprehensive IEO and ICO development services with Mobibiz.

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Business-powering Benefits of Our Blockchain App Development Solutions

The rapidly evolving digital landscape requires a high-powered and robust solution. Mobibiz’s expertise in blockchain gets you bespoke blockchain app development solutions. We ensure you stay ahead in innovation.

Infallible Security

Blockchain’s decentralised and cryptographic features offer the highest security levels. With immutable records and data storage, protect your business against fraud, data manipulation, and unauthorised access.

Crystal-clear Transparency

The transparency of blockchain ensures a clear, traceable record of transactions. This fosters trust among stakeholders while also streamlining auditing processes, reducing discrepancies, and enhancing accountability.

Skyrockets Efficiency

Through smart contract automation, we streamline your operations and eliminate intermediaries. This reduces administrative overheads and leads to increased efficiency, faster transaction processing, and cost savings.

Greater Accountability

With meticulous traceability, blockchain enables you to track every transaction or interaction. This is specifically beneficial to industries like supply chain management, ensuring accountability, and ethical sourcing of goods.

Booming Opportunities

Blockchain unlocks new avenues for your businesses through asset tokenization. This creates new markets and allows fractional ownership and global asset trading, thus broadening opportunities for investment and revenue streams.

Future-Proof Scalability

Blockchain grows with your business. It easily scales to accommodate increased transactions and data volumes, thereby allowing businesses to adapt to evolving market demands and technological advancements

How Blockchain Transforms Industries

Supply Chain & Logistics
Supply Chain & Logistics

In the realm of supply chain and logistics, blockchain establishes an unalterable record of transactions, offering traceability and transparency across the entire supply chain. Mobibiz crafts tailored solutions enabling real-time tracking, reducing inefficiencies, and combating counterfeiting, ultimately optimising operations and enhancing trust among stakeholders.

Health Care

Blockchain revolutionises healthcare by ensuring secure and transparent patient data management. Mobibiz empowers healthcare providers with robust solutions that safeguard sensitive information, streamline medical records, and enhance interoperability for improved patient care and data integrity.

Finance and Banking
Finance and Banking

In finance and banking, blockchain disrupts traditional models by providing secure, decentralised transactions and eliminating intermediaries. Mobibiz develops cutting-edge solutions facilitating seamless cross-border transactions, smart contracts for automated processes, and robust security protocols, ushering in a new era of financial efficiency and inclusivity.

Real Estate
Real Estate

Blockchain transforms real estate with transparent and immutable property records, expediting transactions and reducing fraud. Mobibiz specialises in creating solutions that digitise property assets, enabling fractional ownership, transparent transactions, and efficient property management, revolutionising the real estate landscape.

Retail and eCommerce
Retail and eCommerce

In retail and eCommerce, blockchain ensures authenticity, enabling transparent product provenance and reducing counterfeit goods. Mobibiz delivers solutions that enhance consumer trust through transparent supply chains, loyalty programmes, and secure payment systems, paving the way for a more trustworthy and efficient retail ecosystem.

Power & Energy
Power & Energy

Blockchain disrupts the power & energy sector by enabling transparent energy trading and efficient management of resources. Mobibiz designs solutions for peer-to-peer energy trading, asset tokenization, and smart grid management, fostering sustainability and revolutionising the energy market.

Our Blockchain App Development Process

Conceptualization and Planning

We define project goals, target markets, and essential features for the blockchain app.


Writing code and creating the core blockchain software.

Design and User Experience

Crafting the user interface and virtual components for a seamless user experience.

Maintenance and Updates

Continuous 24/7 support, updating for new OS versions, issue resolution, and feature enhancements


Rigorous testing across devices and environments to identify and fix any flaws or issues encountered.

Technology We Use for Best Blockchain App Development Solution

  • Technology Ethereum
  • Technology Hyperledger
  • Technology Corda
  • Technology EOSIO
  • Technology Truffle
  • Technology Remix
  • Technology Embark
  • Technology Ganache
Programming Languages
  • Technology Solidity
  • Technology Vyper
  • Technology JavaScript
  • TechnologyGolang
  • Technology Python
  • Technology Metamask
  • Technology Remix IDE
  • Technology Solidity
  • Technology Geth

Client Success Stories with Mobibiz

Ensure Authentic Drugs

Ensure Authentic Drugs

Our team developed a blockchain-based app tracking pharmaceuticals from manufacturing to delivery using unique identifiers and smart contracts. Reduced counterfeit medication by 40%, increased supply chain efficiency by 30%, and lowered operational costs by 25%.

Secure Financial Transaction

We created a blockchain-powered app with end-to-end encryption, a decentralised ledger, and biometric authentication. Decreased fraudulent activities by 50%, increased user adoption by 20%, and reduced transaction processing time by 15%.

Secure Financial Transaction
Secure Financial Transaction

Digital Property Records

We developed a blockchain app for digitising property records, utilising smart contracts for secure and transparent transactions. Reduced paperwork by 60%, minimised property fraud by 45%, and increased property sales by 30% within six months.

Features Of Blockchain App Development

Immersive Security Protocols

Immersive Security Protocols

Our blockchain apps are fortified with impenetrable security measures. Enjoy peace of mind with end-to-end encryption, tamper-proof data storage, and robust authentication, ensuring your business-critical information remains secure and protected from cyber threats.

Seamless Smart Contract Integration

Seamless Smart Contract Integration

Leverage the power of smart contracts seamlessly integrated into your apps. Our expertise ensures flawless automation of processes, reducing manual intervention, eliminating errors, and facilitating trust-based transactions with unparalleled efficiency.

Efficient Supply Chain Management

Efficient Supply Chain Management

Transform your supply chain with our blockchain apps. Experience real-time tracking, transparent inventory management, and streamlined logistics. Witness reduced complexities, enhanced traceability, and minimised risks across your entire supply chain network.

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) Solutions

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) Solutions

Embrace the future of finance with our DeFi-focused blockchain apps. Unlock decentralised lending, liquidity provision, yield farming, and more. Experience faster, more secure, and more cost-effective financial transactions, fostering financial inclusivity and innovation.

Immutable Record-Keeping and Auditing

Immutable Record-Keeping and Auditing

Enjoy the benefits of immutable records and simplified auditing processes. Our blockchain apps ensure transparent, tamper-proof records, enabling efficient auditing, compliance adherence, and enhanced accountability within your organisation.

Tokenization and Asset Management

Tokenization and Asset Management

Seamlessly tokenize assets and manage them efficiently. Our blockchain apps empower fractional ownership, digitization of assets, and simplified trading across digital platforms, unlocking new revenue streams and opportunities for your business.

Why Choose Us As a Your Trusted Paretner

Mobibiz is a renowned and reliable technology partner that delivers high-performance, powerful, and cost-effective blockchain app development services.


We offer comprehensive blockchain development services, so you don’t need multiple partner. Our large team delivers a complete and custom solution, from ideation and development to deployment and support.

Technology Expertise

With over a decade of experience, we have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to develop a perfect blockchain solution for you. We ensure that our solutions are seamlessly aligned with your business objectives.

Client-centric Approach

We follow a client-centric approach. That is why we put your business objectives, values, and vision at the centre of our work. Getting you the perfect blockchain solution is of the utmost importance, as in your success lies ours.

Proven Methodology

Over years of working with companies of different scales and different industries, we have developed and streamlined a perfectly proven methodology. The focus is on building flawless solutions that are always delivered on time.

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Chief Marketing Officer

Akbar Godrej

Mobibiz transformed our healthcare operations! Their blockchain solutions streamline patient data management, ensuring secure and seamless records. Their expertise and dedication have enhanced our efficiency, earning our trust as a reliable tech partner.

Founder & CEO

Sudhanshu Upadhdhyay

Mobibiz revolutionised our real estate transactions! Their blockchain app digitises property assets, enabling transparent and swift deals. Their tailored solutions and commitment to innovation have elevated our market presence significantly.

VP of Operations

Vijay Grewal

Mobibiz delivered beyond expectations! Their blockchain expertise empowered our fintech startup with secure transactions and smart contracts. Their team's agility and proficiency in understanding our needs made our collaboration exceptional.

Director of IT

Simi Vishswakarma

Mobibiz redefined our supply chain operations! Their blockchain solutions brought transparency and efficiency to our logistics, enhancing our credibility. Their dedication and personalised approach exceeded our expectations.