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The utilization of augmented reality (AR) in the workplace has revolutionized business operations. Through AR, companies can project their digital data into the physical environment, leading to a range of benefits such as enhanced user engagement, a unique user experience, increased sales, higher revenue, and more.

At Mobibiz, we specialize in harnessing cutting-edge AR technologies to help you redefine possibilities. Our team of experienced AR developers excels at crafting innovative AR solutions that align with your company's objectives and target audience. With our premier AR development services, you can forge groundbreaking AR applications that captivate users, streamline workflows, and bolster your bottom line. Our extensive experience covers AR application development for various operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows. Whether you’re starting from scratch or aiming to integrate AR into your existing offerings, our experts have you covered.

Idea Valuation
Idea Valuation

Our Approch

At Mobibiz, we take a 'client-first' stance, putting the needs of the client at the forefront of all we do. In our opinion, nothing is more profitable than a happy customer. 

We start the process by working closely with the client to fully comprehend their needs. Our method entails a thorough analysis of every aspect of business operations, allowing us to recommend the best course of action to the client. We follow the principles of using the Right People, the Right Technology, and the Right Procedures throughout our investigation. Our Augmented Reality (AR) app development services are designed to enable companies to get the best possible return on investment (ROI). 


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Functions We Can Incorporate into an AR App

Light Estimation

Our augmented reality (AR) application utilizes sophisticated light estimation algorithms to assess real-world lighting conditions and automatically adjust the lighting of virtual objects. This creates the illusion that virtual objects are genuinely integrated into the environment.

Voice Commands

We specialize in developing voice-controlled augmented reality (AR) applications that allow users to give voice commands to augmented content using speech recognition technologies. Users can verbally direct the AR system to perform actions by asking questions or giving instructions. 

Real-world Occlusions

Our apps are designed to adhere to the rules of the line of sight. To manage occlusion issues in AR applications, we use robust depth sensing and frame buffer algorithm to hide the virtual objects that would be obscured by actual objects. This increases the realism of the AR experience. 

Image Recognition

We develop AR apps that can recognize patterns or images, such as logos or posters, and use them as triggers to display more information or virtual content. We employ machine vision in conjunction with a camera and artificial intelligence software to track images that can later be overlaid with animations. 

Motion Tracking

Our AR applications can precisely track the location and orientation of the device in 3D space using various embedded devices and sensors, including cameras, GPS, accelerometers, and gyroscopes, which enable virtual objects to be tethered to the actual environment. 

Text Recognition and Translation

The system we are developing includes automatic text detection, OCR (optical character recognition), text correction, and text translation. This enables the application to recognize text captured by a mobile phone camera, translate the text, and overlay the translation result onto the mobile phone's screen. 

Explore our diverse Augmented Reality Services

Location-Based AR Development

By leveraging hardware like GPS and accelerometers, we develop AR apps that accurately pinpoint a device's location and orientation. This precision enhances user experiences and offers location-based functionalities.

Businesses and Enterprise App Development

From manufacturing to marketing, and healthcare to education, our AR app development services have got your business covered. Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, our apps add value to your operations.

Custom AR App Development

By harnessing AR toolkits such as ARKit, ARCore, and Vuforia, we craft solutions that resonate with your specific needs. From interactive content presentation to engaging user interfaces, our custom apps stand out.

3D Object-Tracking AR Development

Users can immerse themselves in 360-degree augmented reality around real-world things with our 3D object-tracking AR development. Using Vuforia and ARTkit, we provide AR development services for both iOS and Android.

AR E-commerce Integration

Augmented reality is the way purchasing will be done in the future. By enabling customers to visualize products in 3D and AR with our end-to-end 3D and virtual commerce solution, you can boost conversions.

Industry-Specific AR Development

We're not just developers; we're industry partners. From healthcare and education to retail, real estate, manufacturing, oil and gas, marketing, and tourism, our scalable and reliable solutions are designed to make a meaningful impact.

2D and 3D Game Development

Our expert developers excel at creating captivating games that leverage both 2D and 3D elements. With an emphasis on design, functionality, and performance, we offer users an immersive and engaging experience that stands out in the gaming landscape.

Enhanced Marketing Applications

As a leading AR app development company, we assist clients in connecting with customers through a variety of AR-based marketing apps. Our expertise lies in transforming conventional marketing materials into captivating interactive experiences.

AR Maintenance and Support

We offer ongoing maintenance and 24/7 support services for AR applications. This includes app monitoring, optimization, version upgrades, bug fixing, and more, ensuring that the apps remain up-to-date and functional over time.

The Impact of AR in Key Industries


AR revolutionizes medical communication and training by providing interactive 3D visuals that enhance patients' and trainees' understanding. From anatomical visualization to complex procedure simulations, AR empowers medical professionals to convey complex concepts with clarity. 


By visualizing intricate concepts in 3D, AR brings abstract ideas to life, making learning immersive and engaging. Whether it's exploring the human body in biology or dissecting historical events in social studies, AR turns learning into an adventure. 


Retail experiences are evolving, and AR is at the forefront of this evolution. AR introduces virtual try-ons, allowing customers to see how products look on them before making a purchase, reducing the gap between the physical and digital shopping experiences

Real Estate and Interior Design

The real estate industry is embracing AR to transform how properties are showcased. Virtual property tours and 3D showcases enable potential buyers to explore homes remotely, enhancing the property viewing process.

Platform Framework


  • Android
  • IOS
  • Web


  • ARCore
  • ARKit
  • Vuforia
  • WebXR
  • AR toolkit

Why Choose Us for Your AR Project? 

  • star Industry-Leading Expertise

    With years of expertise in the AR sector, we have a thorough understanding of the tools, trends, and technologies used in AR space. 

  • star Customized AR Solutions

    Whether you are a startup, SME, or a large corporation, we can develop top-notch AR solutions that meet your unique requirements

  • star Quality Assurance

    We place a high priority on quality in every project and carry out thorough testing to guarantee a smooth user experience. 

  • star Ensuring Success

    Our proactive assistance at every level of the project helps clients ensure that the selected course of action will lead them to achieve their goals, thus ensuring success

  • star Client Satisfaction

    We took great delight in establishing enduring connections with our customers and making them feel satisfied with the final product. 

Business gains of using AR Applications

star Enhanced User Experience

Through the layering of digital elements onto the real world, AR applications create immersive interactions that captivate and engage users, setting the stage for a new dimension of user experience.

star Visualization and Learning

AR helps visualize complex concepts, designs, and data in a more tangible and understandable way. It's particularly useful in education, training, and professional development, as it enables learners to interact with 3D models and simulations.

star Empowering Decision-Making

In sectors like retail, fashion, and real estate, AR allows users to make informed decisions by interacting with products and properties in unprecedented ways, shaping a future where virtual experiences drive real-world decisions.

star Improved Marketing and Sales

AR can be utilized to develop interactive and captivating marketing campaigns. Before making a purchase, customers can see products in their actual surroundings, which boosts their confidence and increases sales.

star Data Visualization for Analytics

Businesses can utilize augmented reality (AR) to visualize large data sets and analytics in a spatial context, making it simpler to spot patterns, correlations, and insights. This, in turn, boosts productivity and revenue.

star Remote Assistance and Collaboration

By fostering communication and collaboration, AR helps bridge the distance between specialists and employees in different physical places. This helps increase productivity, lower travel expenses, and speed up decision-making.

Our Development Process

Conceptualization and Planning

This process entails deciding on the goal, target market, and the essential elements of the augmented reality app. 


It is the next and most important step in our procedure. It entails writing code and creating the AR software.

Maintenance and Updates

This involves 24/7 support, updating the program for new OS versions, fixing any issues that arise, and introducing new features. 

Design and User Experience

The design process entails developing the user interface and any other virtual components that make up the augmented reality app's overall appearance and feel. 


It involves putting the app through a variety of tests on various devices and environments, as well as fixing any flaws or problems that arise. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Hear from our satisfied clients


Leading Hospital Network 

Mobibiz has built an online Augmented Reality App for our hospital that has taken patient care to the next level. Medical procedures are now easier to comprehend through visualizations, improving communication between doctors and patients.

Owner of a private coaching institute

Owner of a private coaching institute in Delhi-NCR

Mobibiz's AR App has made learning truly engaging for my students. Complex subjects come to life through interactive visuals, fostering better understanding. I am grateful to Mobibiz for enhancing my educational services


Co-founder of a real estate brokerage firm

Thanks to Mobibiz's Augmented Reality App, I can showcase properties to prospective buyers virtually, saving me time and enabling buyers to make decisions more efficiently.